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1 Kings Chapter 2 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Kings chapter 2 summary began as David prepared his son Solomon to rule in his stead. He admonished Solomon to take heed to serve God and keep the law of Moses.

If he did this, he and his nation would prosper. Also so God would honor His promise to keep a man on the throne from the house of David. David also gave Solomon some guys to put a hit out on, men like Joab and Shimei the Benjamite who cursed David.

David told Solomon not to allow them to die peacefully. Finally, the great king himself died. Solomon took over and established the kingdom greatly.

1 Kings Chapter 2 Summary

At the beginning of his rule, Adonijah came to Bathsheba and asked if he could have the pretty girl who took care of David while David was an old man. Asking for Abishag was Adonijah’s death warrant; as this enraged Solomon and the king had his brother put to death.

Presumably, this was like asking for the kingdom because Adonijah wanted the woman who cared for the previous king!? Adonijah was killed! Solomon doesn’t kill Abiathar the priest, who followed and supported Adonijah, but banished him from the kingdom.

Solomon then went after Joab, because he followed or supported Adonijah. At this point, Solomon was putting out all possible opposition to his throne and fulfilling David’s commands.

The last hit was put out on Shimei, he was set up and by his own self (really his habits) he was killed. Solomon established the kingdom and took care of David’s concerns and threats to his rule.

This is the summary of 1 Kings chapter 2, glory to the ALMIGHTY God.


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  1. Isabella Isabella

    Something I don’t understand about old testament, new testament and the law of Moses. Though shall not kill

    • It’s really simple Isabella, we are not supposed to kill, but men do it anyway.

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