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1 Chronicle Chapter 15 Summary

Welcome to 1 Chronicle chapter 15 where we’ll read about David properly bringing the Ark of ELOHIM back to the city of David. After King David made houses in his city, he prepared to bring back the Ark of the Covenant.

He declared to everyone that only the Levites should carry the Ark of GOD because HIS Majesty, the LORD YAH had chosen them to carry it and minister before HIM forever. The king gathered all the people to Jerusalem; he assembled the sons of Aaron and the Levites in proper order.

He called for the chief of the fathers of the Levites to conduct the job properly. He reminded them all the LORD made a breach upon them because they’d done this at first, not after the due order. We must seek the LORD in due order.

Joyful Singing and Dancing Took Place

They all did the job in due protocol this time. The Levites put the Ark of ELOHIM on their shoulders using the staves so they never actually had to touch the Ark; they did it as Moses commanded.

King David had the singers, the musicians, and all the people lifted their voices singing with joy. Heman’s sons, Joel and Asaph led the band and choir. They brought out the Ark from the house of Obededom; they offered seven bulls and rams to the LORD in joy and celebration.

David himself, as the king, shouted and danced and sang right along with everyone else. Everyone was happy except for one person. Michal, the daughter of Saul, did not think it was good for David to dance as if he were a common person and not a king.

This is the summary of 1 Chronicle chapter 15; glory to HIS Majesty, the LORD of Host.


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