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Leviticus Chapter 24 Summary


Leviticus Chapter 24 Summary

Leviticus Chapter 24

Leviticus 24 gives some laws for the priests and children of Israel to uphold, and also tells of a situation regarding a man who blasphemed God’s name.

We begin with God commanding the children of Israel to bring pure olive oil beaten for light for the lamps to burn continually in the tabernacle of the congregation.

In addition, the children of Israel also should bring fine flour to bake twelve cakes to be made continually before the Lord every Sabbath as an everlasting covenant.

Aaron and his sons shall eat of it in the holy place. The chapter then tells what took place between a woman of Israel’s son (whose father was an Egyptian), who got into an argument with someone in the camp.

The boy blasphemed the name of the Lord. The people brought him before Moses who did not know what to do to the boy, so they sought God to find out what should be his consequence.

God commanded the boy stoned and proclaimed whoever curses God will bear their sin. God declared there is one manner of law for the children of Israel and for the stranger, for God is one.

They brought forth the boy and the people stoned him as was commanded.

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