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The Godhead of Two

The Godhead of Two and not three as commonly thought of in the Christian community and Christian circles is certainly a great debate. The trinity concept, is what links other previous fake “gods” such as pagan Horus, and other ancient deities to the Christianity  It done so by a so called “holy trinity.” Nevertheless, when we take a serious look and study into the Godhead from a Biblical perspective, we definitely learn something new.

The Godhead of Two…Not Three

We learn that the Bible only suggest two Beings in the God family known as the Godhead. The Godhead does not have three and Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, strongly suggest this as you’ll see through this video. Where did the early Church get the concept of three or a trinity from? Like most fallacies in the Bible, they get it from misunderstanding of scriptures or a blatant lie propaganda-ed by false ministers of God.

Careful Study of the Godhead

Paul openly lacks the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit as part of the Godhead, so do the Prophets of God, and also the Apostles and early church figures of Jesus Christ. It was not until Roman influence into Christianity that the concept of a trinity began to take form. The reality is that there is a Father is the God all people are attempting to get to. He is Allah in Islam, He is Yahweh to the Jewish, the Father to Christians, the Infinite Intelligence to the subconscious mind and positive thinking people, and Mother Nature to nonbelievers; the Father is the real deal. The Father was not alone, He has a Son, and the Proverbs asks, ‘what is His name’.

  The Godhead of Two and not three

The misconception is that there is a Holy Spirit that is part of the Godhead. Unfortunately for people who want to believe that, it is not and cannot be found in the pages of the scripture. The Godhead of two and not three is what the scriptures proclaim. Be edified in JESUS name. Amen


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