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Yosef Sold Akobe Goes into Egypt: History of Akobe

Welcome back to the history of Akobe web series, you made it back and you’ll be very happy. In this segment, Yosef, the son of Akobe and Rachel, was sold into Egypt. More troubling than an individual being sold by other people is an individual being sold by his very own brothers. Let us get into Episode 3: The History of Akobe and the Divided Kingdom.

The Great Creator was preparing to deliver the Bantu through the very son of Akobe that was sent to Egypt. A famine hit the land of Canaan, which forced the Bantu (Akobe) to send his sons to Egypt to buy food. Why is Egypt not affected by the famine?

They were, but in the process of time, Yosef went from being a servant/slave to a successful steward in the house of a successful businessman to being wrongfully jailed and imprisoned. The businessman’s wife had the “hots” for Yosef; he rejected her advances so she made up a story falsely accusing him of trying to rape her! The nerve of this woman!

Yosef Interprets Dreams to the Top

Yosef then used his gift of interpreting dreams to foresee a famine and how the nation of Egypt would be able to sustain this famine. Because of this ability and gift, he was promoted to the viceroy of Egypt as his interpretation of the then king of Egypt’s dream was conveyed followed by a plan for Egypt to survive the pending famine.

As vice of Egypt, he received the opportunity to be united with his brothers, yes, the same brothers who sold him into Egypt. This is the history of the house of Akobe (the Bantu) because while this is still a small family in their current world, they were about to explode!

Yosef Reveals Himself.

After Yosef revealed himself to his brothers, he sent for his father, Akobe. Once in the land of Egypt, all of Akobe’s sons began to procreate with the daughters of Egypt. After Yosef’s generation, the children of the Bantu really exploded in numbers. This was to the great concern of the Egyptian government. It got to the point where they began to ill-treat the Bantu of Akobe.

After four hundred years and some change, Egypt began to be very harsh towards. This led the Bantu to entreat the Great Spirit for help. They needed the pressure to be taken off of them and the Great Spirit heard them and sent them a savior. In the year 1576 BCE, the child Moses was born. It was during the 17th and 18th dynasties of Egypt under the Pharaoh KaMose that Moses was born.

KaMose’s daughter adopted the Levite child who was sent up the Nile River. His parents floated him away from the gross oppressive act Egypt enlisted of murdering Bantu male babies. As his sister Miriam watched him sail up the stream, Moses was delivered and raised as an Egyptian royal.

Moses Raised by His Own Mother

Moses, however, was raised privately by his natural family because his mother was his hired nanny. As he grew, he grew tired of the treatment his people endured from the Egyptians. Moses finally, in a bit of rage, murdered an Egyptian guard who was overtly reprimanding a fellow Bantu brother. Once this became known, this caused Moses to flee from Egypt.

He fled from the pharaoh, Ahmose. The Great Spirit then met Moses in the land of Midian through an angel by “the” burning bush. Moses was commanded to return to Egypt and deliver the Great Creator’s people, and his people. He would do this through the power of the Great Spirit the Great Creator Almighty.

The Great Spirit even revealed His name to Moses, which He hadn’t done with Abrashem and the rest of the fathers of the Bantu. Moses returned to Egypt as commanded by his brother Aaron and they sought the audience of the Pharaoh, Ahmose. They pleasantly demanded the children of the Bantu depart from Egypt in order for them to go serve their Creator in the wilderness.

The Great Spirit’s Authority

The Pharaoh refused and even claimed to have never heard of a Deity by the name Yahawah or YHWH. The Great Spirit eased the Pharaoh’s memory in order to lay HIS hand on the king of Egypt. After much pounding by the hand of the Great Spirit, the Pharaoh was convinced of the Great Spirit’s superiority.

Ahmose released the Bantus (children of Akobe) so they could go serve their Creator. The delay in their liberation cost Pharaoh Ahmose his oldest son, as well as the destruction of his country. The children of Akobe went to Egypt after Yosef was sold there; they were a total of seventy (70) male souls.

They came out six hundred thousand males alone, who were foot soldiers. This did not include the women and children, nor the strangers (non-Bantus) who faithfully decided to leave the now destroyed Egypt along with the Bantus. After the children of Akobe came out of Egypt, during the initial Passover, they came into the wilderness. They began to realize life would not be the same; things would be different.

Complaining Against the Creator

They were not in their traditional cities or even the countryside lifestyle they were living in, while in Egypt. This culture shock, dwelling in the wilderness, took a toll on them. The Great Spirit prepared to give the children of Akobe the land of Canaan, which was already fully dressed. Only the Canaanites still occupied the land, and the children of Akobe grew impatient, disgruntled, and outright offensive (towards the Great Spirit).

The Bantus began to complain and murmur to Moses, but in reality, they were really complaining and murmuring to the Great Spirit Almighty of Akobe. It strongly displeased both Moses and the Great Spirit, yet the Great Spirit suffered it so. The Great Spirit Almighty met with the entire congregation of the children of Akobe on Mount Sinai. The Great Creator introduced Himself as The Sovereign Great Spirit and King of the nation of the Bantu.

He gave them the Royal Covenant, which today is known as the Ten Commandments. The Great Spirit then declared that if the children of Akobe kept His Covenant and obeyed His voice, even they would become a peculiar nation to Him. They would be above all the nations on the earth. They would become a kingdom of priests to the Great Spirit, a Holy Nation.

Moses Meets with the Great Spirit

The children of Akobe were then given laws, statutes, and judgments that were for the Bantu’s prosperity. They only had to obey the voice of the Great Spirit, keep His ways, and adhere to His Royal Covenant. One day, the Great Creator had a conclave with Moses, and while Moses was away, the children of Akobe completely rebelled against their covenant. Moses was gone for forty days and nights, and the people vehemently compelled Aaron to take over from Moses.

In addition, they compelled him to make them an image of a deity who they can credit as the one who led them out of Egypt. They also credited these pagan deities as the ones who would protect them. They made an idol in the shape of a young bull and they began to feast around and celebrate it.

The Great Spirit nearly killed them all for this behavior, however, Moses interceded on their behalf. As merciful as the Great Spirit was and is, the Creator, Yahawah, still does not by any means, clear the guilty.

The Bantu Upset with Moses

The Almighty Creator made a permanent decision. He decided not to go with them into the land of Canaan personally. Instead, the Great Spirit would give them an angel as their guide. Yet still, the children of Akobe murmured and complained. They blamed Moses for tricking them, misleading them, and ruining their lives and the lives of their children.

They claimed that they had it good as slaves in Egypt. Now they were free but in the wilderness living horribly. They were subject to eating the same food every day, going hours or days without water, and had no grounds to till.

They blamed Moses for the establishment of a priesthood that was mysteriously governed and headed by Aaron, his brother. Many of the princes of the tribes began to grumble against the Great Spirit to Moses.

History of Akobe Series

Moses by the instructions of the Creator and by his own requests ordained seventy elders among the tribes of the Bantu to assist the prophet to lead and manage the people. Moses endured a lot; his brother and sister became jealous of him. Miriam was seriously reprimanded for not fearing the Creator enough to talk against His leader Moses.

To be continue; join us for episode 4, the History of Akobe!


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