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What is the Age of the Earth and What about the Dinosaurs?

What Bible Study topic, subject, or chapter would you like to learn in more detail? We are opening those again now that the Father is once again, sending His Spirit to gather His saints once again for the last time; we feel the need to address questions.

Many of the questions are not asked clearly, but we’ll do our best to answer them as well as we can.

Questions and Answers from BSM Newsletter

Today’s question is:


This is a good question. Many people think they have a grasp of this, but none of us were here when the earth was created, so there is no way to truly know the age of the earth. Biblically speaking, the book of Genesis says, “In the beginning.” To say in the beginning is to like telling someone you’re going to enroll in college, “soon.”

It is not a concrete date.

God did it this way on purpose because if Christ told us do not to cast our pearls before swine, we better believe He doesn’t; if you do not deal with Christ, you don’t have a chance with the Father. That’s neither here nor there; Biblically speaking, we cannot tell the age of the earth.

This is what we know; the earth was created so the children of God could come live in the earth to go through their trial period and also to judge the fallen children. Just as we are all temporary in the flesh, our spirit is forever.

The earth also is temporary and the final state of us (after our trial) is forever and we will dwell on the New Heaven and New Earth, which also is forever. The earth goes through a trial period; first the preparation for the spirits who will go through the trial period, then it will host the actual spirits.

The host time period is 7,000 years.

The preparation for the host is not known one could biblically educated guess five to six thousand years. Why? Because of the five days told in the story of Genesis chapter 1 (each being a thousand years). And then the seven thousand years granted for the sons of Adam from the moment Adam fell (sinned) until the end of the seventh day would be added. These are spiritual guesses and not conclusions.

The dinosaurs would have been on the earth prior to the trial period of the sons of Adam, and possibly even before. There is no scripture to confirm or deny what I am saying. The great flood is tricky because the Bible says it compassed the entire earth.

However, other writings such as those in Jasher say differently. Also, you would be in error for believing the earth is about 6,000 years old because there is no way you could confirm or quantify that with. You are obligated to believe what you desire, but beliefs do not hold up in courts of law or matters of verifiable proof.

Thank you for this question.

I pray this has been edifying in the name of the Son of God.

Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh

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