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What Does the Bible Say About Love

This Is Jesus the King of the Jews

What Does the Bible Say About Love?

What is love?  There are so many definitions and separate interpretations of what people believe love to be that it cannot be broken down in one ‘mean-all’ definition.  When someone says they love you, what really do they mean?

When a woman says, “I’m in love with a man,” is that emotion or logic?  We can never tell exactly what it means, but in the bible the definition of love is very clear.  Love is doing well or good to your fellow mankind and doing well by your God, Jesus Christ.

It is very clear to see that Jesus Christ did well by us.  Adam committed a sin that would have killed mankind forever, but Jesus loved us so much, He took the place of whoever would love Him back.

How do you love Jesus back?

He tells us to obey His commandments (St. John 14 v15).  That is how we love God, by listening to Him, believing Him, and most importantly obeying Him.  It is written in first John chapter five (v3) that love is in the keeping of the commandments.

What does the bible say about love? First we had to identify what love is, and we have.  It is doing well by others and by God.  And since we show Jesus we love Him by keeping His commandments, we can also show others we love them by simply keeping the commandments of God.

In Exodus chapter twenty, the covenant of God is laid out in the Ten Commandments.  The first four explain to us how we are to love our God.  The latter six explicate how we are to love ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters among mankind.

The Commandments are Love!

This is love; this is what the bible says about love.  If I have no other gods besides Jesus, I do not make a graven image depicting Him, I do not take His name in vain, and I remember and keep His Holy Sabbath day; I am literally showing that I love Him.

Likewise, if I respect and honor my parents, I show love for them.  If I avoid stealing from my brothers and sisters, killing, being a false witness against my neighbors and coveting their belongings, I again am expressing love because I am doing well by them.

If my friend has a gorgeous wife, sure we can appreciate the beauty, but we should not lust after her and make a move on her even if she makes the advance.  We know that adultery is against God and against your friend.

Being Fruitful and Multiplying

Bear no grudges and do not have it in your mind to get revenge.  The Lord told very early in the bible to love your neighbor as you would love yourself (Leviticus 19 v18).  Now in the sense that we may think of love alternatively as in “love making.”

The bible is in compliance with it, it must be done decent and in order.  The very first instruction given to Adam was to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.  Being fruitful takes coition and when done properly in marriage, it is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

When done perversely the negative results are evident in our society.

The process of coition is not the full expression of love.  While you may be doing well to someone at the moment, you may be doing ill to them in the long run.  But if you do the commandments always, you will always do well by people and by God.

This can be really summed up in the words of Paul in his letter to the Romans.  Paul says do not borrow money and owe it outstandingly only owe love to one another.  Who ever loves his fellowman (or woman) has fulfilled the law of God.

The commandments are what Paul outlined summing up to be one rule, “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love does no harm to its fellow mankind and love is the fulfillment of the law.  What does the bible say about love?  This is what the bible says about love, to love each other and love God.


Elder Koko Ishe


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