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What Do World Geopolitics Have to Do with the Bible?

In my line of work, I have these weeks when I’m on the road a lot. You probably notice the distance between posts and videos on our Youtube Channel.

Nevertheless, I ask what do world Geo politics have to do with the Bible. I believe that events taking place around the world are immediately connected to the Bible because the Bible is the world.

The history given in the scriptures is told from the point of view of a family designated as the Creator’s custodians. They were and are His priest, His leaders, and, covenant holders. Although the works of the Bible were confiscated by the Romans and further augmented a bit, or to an extent, the Bible still describes the story of our world. The story of the world is history.

The Bible also describes the right ways in which we’re supposed to live and the culture we’re supposed to abide by. And these things are conveyed in the principles the Bible teaches. 

History leads us to our present moment, and to our future.

And within the annals of history, we’ve learned quite a bit, and what we’ve learned is that kings and leaders throughout the ages have an inevitable routine to fight over resources, lands, and the people of the earth.

We are in a similar period today where we are fighting over resources. In 2022 Russian President, Vladimir Putin decided to do a military operation in Ukraine over what he felt was a breach of agreements by the West. The world took another change. The world was already facing a recovery from the recent pandemic. Then we move from the pandemic right into a military operation, which legally was not a war based on word choice.

Wars have been fought throughout the ages, but most of the wars have been fought on the European continent, and Ukraine was and is no different. And when I speak of wars, I’m speaking of wars where heavy military weapons were used.

Difficult Times Ahead

Europe was nearly destroyed during world war two and it cost trillions of dollars to repair. However, the conflict the world faces currently, especially in Western Europe is an energy crisis that will possibly be unable to sufficiently provide energy to the entirety of the population. This is why this time period is very vital and biblical or prophetic in nature. Western Europe and even much of Eastern Europe have relied on resources from the continent of Africa.

In fact, France, which is in the middle of the conflict with Niger would be reduced to a third-world population or country. If all of the resources they acquired from other countries, predominantly in Africa were discontinued, France would barely exist. So the conflict taking place in Africa, especially with the French colonial nations, such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and especially the one in the news right now, Niger, has grave consequences.

If events do not go in the direction France would like, excuse me, I should not say France would like, but in the direction that France absolutely needs, the decisions these African nations are making right now concerning their resources have grave consequences for all nations around the world.

France Will Not Bow Out Gracefully

I do not believe Europe or the West will just walk away and say, “OK, let us play by Africa’s rules,” without a fight. And that could be troublesome for the nations of Africa because Africa and its nations are the only nations that do not have weapons really fit to compete with those of the United States, Russia, and European nations. 

If you’re thinking that just came on, the Holy Spirit is with you. If you need a little bit more of a picture to be painted, stick around. We are in the midst of putting together a reworked biblical message that we believe will bring us right to the point where the Great Creator needs us to be.

I must warn you that it will go against nearly all traditional religions and spirituality you and I have been taught and have learned of since we were little children. However, it is up to you to reject or accept it, my care and love for you will remain the same as it is right now.

It is just my job, duty, and passion to review what has been revealed to me as one of the Eternal Father’s children, prophets, and ministers.

Stay tuned and meanwhile, be strong, and very courageous in this hour of temptation. 

Minister Koko 


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