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What are These About: Isaiah Jeremiah Psalms Revelations and Chronicles

What Bible Study topic, subject, or chapter would you like to learn in more detail? We are opening those again now that the Father is once again, sending His Spirit to gather His saints once again for the last time; we feel the need to address questions.

Many of the questions are not asked clearly, but we’ll do our best to answer them as well as we can.

Questions and Answers from BSM Newsletter

The book of Isaiah, The Book of Revelations, 1Chronicles and 2 Chronicles, The Book of Psalms, The Book of Jeremiah

These are books of the Bible. Isaiah was a prophet, the son of a man named Amoz, and his writings were based on the things he saw during the days of kings, Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, who were the kings of Judah at that time. Many of his prophecies are monumental and some have not yet been unfolded or fulfilled.

See an overview of Isaiah chapters 1-39 and chapters 40-66

The book of Revelation is likewise a revelatory book by Jesus Christ with hidden messages given to his servant John. The purpose is to show things to his servants that must shortly come to pass.

Like all of the books of the Bible, many of the plain and precious things have been removed, which makes many of these writings hard to understand unless one has the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost with them.

The Books of Chronicles

Chronicles is a chronicle of the kingdom of Judah and Israel, Psalm is a prayerful, poetic, prophetic, and musical book, and Jeremiah, like Isaiah, also was a prophet who prophesied during the final days of the kingdom of Judah.

He was the prophet who tried to beg Zedekiah to do the Lord’s will, but Zedekiah would not and was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon. We can and have done deeper studies into these chapters, but the question was general, so likewise was our response.

I pray this helps your understanding of the nature and fundamentals of these books.


Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh

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