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Two of the Biggest Stumbling Blocks: People and Location

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Now to today’s content: Two of the biggest stumbling blocks, people and locations in the Bible.

A stumbling block in the Bible is defined as something or a block in the path that will cause someone to stumble in their faith. They will stumble in their faith in their beliefs, which will affect their works, taking them away from the ways of the Eternal Father.

These stumbling blocks cause people not to believe because things do not make sense. And when things do not make sense, people typically leave them alone. I have a friend and her favorite quote sometimes when things are not going well, or the way she thinks they should go is to say, “This don’t make no damn sense!”

Although that is a double negative, she means to say it does not make sense. Whenever she would say this, she would also leave and not return to that situation. So when biblical teachers or anybody on the street teaching things or saying things, or promoting biblical ideas that do not make sense to the lay-person or the student attempting to learn, the student may throw up their hands and utter the phrase, inwardly or out, “This don’t make no damn sense!” From there, they would not return to the church, Bible study, or any other place to learn about their Creator.


A great stumbling block was placed in front of them. We learned long ago, that confused people do not do anything. In other words, they do not take further action because they are confused. It’s like driving behind a driver that is lost or confused of their direction.

They can be frustrating to drive behind. Let me unconfuse you, or de-confuse you (whichever is the right way to say that in English). When learning the Bible, the best approach for me and many others was to approach the Bible as a historical record. The record-keeping in any historical document can suffer based on translations and human error, but ideally, it is a record.

The second approach is that this historical record is also laced with principles and laws for all humans to abide by and live by. Therefore the historical record is also a legal record of authoritative principles for all to live by. The third and final approach is that the historical and legal record and how they are received by any generation determines that generation and their following, a particular present and future.

This is otherwise known as a prophetic record.

Okay in simplicity, the Bible is a record of history, principles, and prophecy; these should be the lenses one should consume the Bible.

Then comes two of the largest stumbling blocks in the Bible; people and location. If we are going to get serious about a book and count it as an accurate source of information, it has to become real to us.

For many people, the Bible cannot become real because people cannot find themselves or their families in the Bible. Add that to the teachings of science and the millions of years of human and earth history, it is easy to get lost. But we can simplify it; we know the Jews today and they came from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

That is the first thing Satan through a big stumbling block at. People and locations; that is Satan swapped out people and swapped out lands.


You can’t. You cannot move a mountain or a country. In most cases, you can’t move people at scale or in totality. Besides genocide, it is difficult to remove every one. So what does Satan do?

He took a pen and used history books and moved mountains, lands, rivers, and seas. This was done all with the stroke of a pen, then with pictures, and finally with movies or motion pictures. He mentally forced people to assume different identities, and in two or three generations, BOOM, he would have secured the changes he desired.

It is tough to get an adult to lie, so Satan would beat them into submission or simply kill them and begin the lying process on their children. It does not matter what ethnic group one is from, a lie is no good if even the oppressing class knows the truth. Thus everyone has been lied to except those who are among the very elite of society. Thus Satan deceived the whole world. The reason everyone had to be deceived is because of the Milgram Experiment.

The Milgram Experiment

The Milgram Experiment was a famous yet controversial study that explored the effects of authority on obedience. This experiment shows why even those who would benefit from lies could not be shown the truth because the Milgram experiment showed there is a breaking point for all people.

The Milgram experiment was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram in the early 1960s. The main goal of these experiments was to study the willingness of participants to obey authority figures, even when their actions went against their personal conscience. Here are the key results and conclusions of the Milgram experiment:

In conclusion, the Milgram experiment demonstrated the remarkable influence of authority on human behavior and highlighted the capacity for individuals to engage in harmful actions when instructed by authority figures. It has had a lasting impact on our understanding of obedience, authority, and the ethical conduct of psychological research.

Staying Silent but Not Participating in the Oppression

With a 65% rate of obedience to authority, that leaves or left 35%. These 35-percenters were those who stopped administering pain to the subjects in the study. In relationship to the stumbling blocks of location and people, 35% of people perhaps would not administer harsh pain to the oppressed. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t turn a blind eye or stay silent.

They may know the truth, but are they going to take any action to correct the lies? Or, will they silently enjoy the privileges of the silent status their oppressive siblings inflict?

Thus, deception had to be used on all. Satan deceived the whole world by changing times, which is history, and laws, changing people, that is identity, and locations, landmarks. This undoubtedly causes the biggest stumbling block in all the world from a biblical perspective. The reason is that the history, principles, and prophetic records were and are supposed to be facilitated by the people of the covenant.

The people of the covenant are the children of Abram, Isaaka, and Akobe.

They were and are dispersed throughout the four corners of the earth, according to the scriptures. Their lands are being trampled on and abused by foreigners, again, according to the scriptures. And they are looked upon as the lowest people on earth, all according to the scriptures.

Until the truth about the people in the Bible and the locations are properly taught and accepted, all we will do is ride the treadmill of “fake religion.” We will be ever learning, never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.

In order to break free from this run-in-the-mill pattern, we must embrace truth. We must identify the true people, the true sons and daughters of Adam, and accept each as they are. We also have to learn and accept true locations.

Why does it matter?

And what do locations and people have to do with salvation?

Even though salvation is taught in the scriptures, many people will still get hurt. Even they are walking the tight line in keeping the Creator’s greatest commandments. Lacking knowledge of the truth is still a great handicap.

The truth sets us free but many will lose their lives simply because they do not know the truth. The scriptures say at a certain point in time, the nations will take hold of the skirt of him who is a “Jew.”

We are aware that the Jew is really the Yawada-Bantu.

That scripture is written in Zechariah chapter 8, verse 23. In another place, it is written the children of Judah or Yawada, will go crying and weeping seeking their Creator. They will go asking the way to Zion (Jeremiah 50:5). They will have to ask because right now, they have lies and deception regarding the location of the land.

The people of the world, as well as many of the true children of Akobe, do not know who the Creator’s true covenanted people are or where the Creator’s true land is on earth.

Now for the true people and land. When a child is adopted at birth, they don’t know they are adopted until they are told. Once they are told they were adopted, for most instances, a small voice will constantly nudge them. It will nudge them to seek their true father and mother, if for nothing just for closure’s sake.

This is like an awakening.

This awakening is happening globally where the sons of Adam are seeking their true Father, their Creator. When we find out where home is, and who our brothers and sisters are, then we can truly know our Eternal Father.

Without going into major detail for now, the true location of Jerusalem or Yerusalema is in sub-Saharan Africa. Not the Arabian Peninsula. The true people of the Bible are the Abantu children of Akobe, known as Jacob in the scriptures.

African Diaspora

Although they would be African Bantu peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa, they have been scattered across the globe. These two barriers, hurdles, and stumbling blocks truly hamper the true knowledge wisdom, and comprehension of many people. We can accredit thanks to the deception of Satan and his ministers.

To replace the people of the Bible and the locations, sets the stage. It sets the stage to replace the doctrine of the Bible. Replacement theology becomes a real thing and replacement theology creates stumbling blocks like we’ve never seen.

On our next post, we will dive into more stumbling blocks. We will dive into laws and principles to live by and those to disregard. We will also show you through a simplified version of the bible story, how to sift through the rubbish of the scriptures.

Be STRONG and very courageous

Minister Koko

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