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Transgression and Iniquity Part 2

Transgression and Iniquity Part 2

Peace and blessings. We are here with Transgression and Iniquity Part 2, continuing from part one (which I hope you read before you read this one). We finished up learning that sin is the transgression of the law and that there are two sets of laws. There are the moral and civil laws and there is the sacrificial or sin offering laws. Sin offerings are mainly done with animals during the Old Testament days.

We’ll continue on with Transgression and Iniquity Part 2

Once Adam and Eve sinned, an animal was shed for them to have clothing of coats of skin (Genesis 3 v21). Coats of skin came from the Lamb that was slain from the the foundation of the world. This is the method God used to control rampant sin by having a sin offering.

We would need to read the entire chapter of Leviticus four and Leviticus chapter sixteen (16). We’d have to do this to get a pretty clear and healthy understanding of the animal sacrificial laws.

In short, when anyone committed sin they were to bring a bull, lamb, goat, dove, or whatever clean animal required to the priest to make a sacrifice for them. The priest would then slay the animal and sprinkle the blood onto the veil. The veil was before the Mercy Seat, where the LORD sat (the Mercy Seat represented His presence).

Transgression and Iniquity 

This was the program or the ordinance of the animal sacrificial laws. The laws of Animal Sacrifice was our schoolmaster to bring us to the understanding of what and who Jesus the Christ is and what He is doing for us (Galatians 3 v24-25).

When the Jews or Israelites of old brought their lamb to be slain for their sins, they were to know that the lamb represented the coming Messiah dying for their sins. They were to perform this or practice it until Jesus actually died and rose from the dead through the power of God.

After this, we are to be justified by our faith that Jesus the Christ actually died and rose from the dead, ending our ritual and practice of the animal sacrificial laws.

The Schoolmaster… Transgression and Iniquity

This is why Paul writes in Galatians that we are no longer under the schoolmaster because Jesus the Christ has officially performed the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus has completed what the animal sacrifice was to represent.

We learn this plainly by one little verse in Matthew shortly after Jesus gave His life on the cross. After a loud cry, Jesus surrendered and gave up the ghost, meaning He died. What happened immediately after is what very few people recognize because they are not familiar with the Old Testament.

In verse 51, the people and the writer reported the veil of the temple was torn (rent) in half. It was torn from top to bottom following the earthquake that followed Jesus’ death. 

Matthew Chapter 27

50 Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.

51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

The veil being ripped from top to bottom symbolized the end of the law; not the moral law that man has been in trouble for since Adam, but the law that came into existence 400 plus years after the children of Israel went into Egypt.

Jesus upon rising from the grave took upon the title of High Priest. Instead of bring animals to the high priest of Levi, instead of going to a booth and confessing your sins to a man on the other end, you take your confession to your closet and petition the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy.

Transgression and Iniquity Part 2

Transgression and Iniquity Part 2This concludes part two, stay tuned for part three of this series on Transgression and Iniquity.

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Thank you for joining us in this study, Transgression and Iniquity Part 2, see you for parts three and four.

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