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The Holy Spirit and Enthusiasm

The Holy Spirit and Enthusiasm Bible Study

The Holy Spirit and Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is an emotional state that stimulates an individual to put to action their tasks at hand. It is very communicable and impinges on all who make contact with the enthusiast. Enthusiasm has a similar association with mankind, as a windy day has with a kite; it is the moving energy propelling action.

Great leaders inspire their followers by enthusiasm. Salesmen increase sales by the mere use of enthusiasm.

In all of this, what does enthusiasm have to do with the Holy Spirit? If you have followed previous articles and Bible studies from this website, you would know the lingo “Holy Spirit” comes in diverse meaning throughout the scripture.

The purpose of this commentary is to show how they are related to the success of an individual today and in the preparation of the coming Kingdom of God.

Catching the Holy Ghost

The different forms of the ‘Holy Spirit’ that the Bible defines is that the Holy Spirit or Spirit can be in reference to the air one breathes. It can also refer to the thoughts of one’s mind, to the Angel’s of God, the Word of God, and God Almighty Himself.

When we conceive the ‘Holy Spirit’ it is commonly referred to in churches of today to an emotion. Growing up, I recollect going to churches I attended with my family, I was urged to ‘catch the Holy Spirit’ and when I am able to do this it, I will be inspired.

“Catching the Holy Ghost” inspires people to jump, shout, boogie, speak in tongues, run up and down the aisles of the church, whirl around with hands in the air, and cry among a lot of things.

These feelings never came upon me as a youth and it made me wonder if I’d ever get the Holy Ghost. Could I really serve God since I could not congregate the propensity to show the passion of enthusiasm for Him?

The Spirit of Music

It can make you think you are not excited about the Most High God. However, I eventually found as a youth the lone time I’d get a sense of animation or zeal (as the churches referred to as the ‘Holy Spirit’) was in activities such as playing or watching sports, listening to music, or in a common goal in life with my close friends.

I look back on my life’s achievements and reminisce over my past successes; I noticed they were all backed with the passion. If you were around and a basketball fan during the late eighties, you may have seen what the basketball world calls ‘the shot.”

That is when Michael Jordan hit the game winning shot over Craig Ehlo of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1987 playoffs. The way he celebrated after making that shot is genuine enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is an essential component for any achievement you may have in a mission in life or temporary goal.

It is strong emotion.

We don’t have to be like Dickey V (animated sport commentator) or walk around with colorful question mark suits (like the guy giving government grant info). You can have a calm intensity about you. Use the intensity that best fits your character and this will be enough to provide the enthusiasm you need to go after a goal.

Normally the ‘Holy Spirit’ is made in reference to someone who has conjured up excitement through some emotional trigger (via a sermon or choir song). I will examine the Biblical orientation to the Holy Spirit and how it is related to enthusiasm for its use for success.

After forty days and nights of temptation in the wilderness, Jesus Christ returned to Galileein the authority of the spirit. He was filled with the Holy Spirit (Word of God) and news of it was going out throughout the region.

The Holy Spirit to Find Success

Jesus was fervent for His mission; this is what made Jesus so successful. He was full of the Holy Spirit and this gave Jesus the keenness, the state of mind to arouse and put action into the task at hand.

You and I must use enthusiasm along with the Holy Spirit to find success in our happenings today and our chief goal (as Christians) in seeking theKingdom of God. When you mix enthusiasm into your daily work, the work will not appear difficult or tedious.

It is a mindset.

With zest, you can get more productive work done in less the time. It also affects others around you. In a basketball game, the player who plays with the greater enthusiasm will invoke his or her teammates a rise in action, this will invoke the fans to increase in anticipation and bring intensity and momentum to the result of the game.

This may not mean jumping and dancing at church or any other event. This might not include going door-to-door ministering people (especially those not interested in the gospel). It does however mean utilizing the state of mind that inspires you to put action into the tasks at hand.

Enthusiasm inspires you to take action.

It is fundamental for success. With more enthusiasm there comes more faith. People will have more faith and belief in you when you take action showing enthusiasm for your purpose. The Jews inJerusalem knew Jesus was the real deal.

He came into theTemple with the money changers threw them out. Showing His zeal, Jesus rebuked them for making God’s house of prayer a den of thieves. He was in the power of the spirit, and enthusiasm and the Holy Spirit are ingredients for success.

I do hope this can be put to use in your life, I pray in Jesus name, Amen.


Elder Ishe


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