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The Fifth Vial Poured Out continued from Revelation 16

The Fifth Vial Poured Out continued from Revelation 16; let’s dive in.

Just know this; Satan is not loyal. He coined the phrase, “It’s not personal, it’s business.” He doesn’t care if your family is out on the street homeless tomorrow for the betterment of his company or country.

It’s not personal, it is business; the business is his plan of salvation for mankind and humanity. His plan diametrically opposes the Father’s plan and all those following his plan will be destroyed right along with him, unfortunately.

Satan will use any nation to fulfill his plan. At the fall of the US, Satan will just go to Russia, China, or North Korea, anyone, Iran, Ukraine, it does not matter. Whoever will fulfill his will, is who Satan will get behind.

When Rome fell, Satan got behind another power.

At the end of the half of time, when the USA will fall a great fall, Satan is going to gather all the forces (troops) and militaries of the world. From the standpoint of the news, it will look like an international conflict that leads to a third world war.

However, spiritually speaking, this is Satan preparing against the great day when Christ will come in the glory and power of the Father with the purpose of ending world oppression. Christ is coming to free His people from Satan’s chains; Christ is going to throw Satan out and reclaim the earth for the purposes the Father caused it to be created.

Blindly, the uninformed people of the world will believe aliens have invaded the earth. This is why the US and the nations have developed a space force or space technologies to watch out for this impending invasion.

As we combine both the fifth trumpet with the fifth vial, a natural disaster takes place.

Maybe (this is hypothetical) something like Yellowstone National Park’s volcano erupts. The smoke disrupts the US greatly. This engages the enemies of the USA to pounce on them, hence the locust which comes to destroy. The end result is the destruction of America, as we know it. Here comes the sixth trumpet and vial.

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Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh


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