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The Fear and Dread of the Sovereign LORD of Hosts

The fear and dread of the Sovereign LORD of Hosts is glory and joy. It is gladness and crown of full out joyfulness. The dread of the LORD will delight the heart and give gladness and joy, including lengthy days!

To those who dread and fear the Most-High Divine, it will be well for them in the last days. They will be blessed on the day of death and on the day of regeneration. In all truth, those who wisdom appears in plain sight, by revelation of prophecy; they love it in their sight.

The Love of the LORD is Honorable Wisdom

They love to know the Divine’s great things; the love of the Almighty Divine is honorable wisdom that leads to life. The beginning of wisdom is the dread of the Sovereign LORD. It is formed together in the womb of faithful men, it goes with chosen women; it is known with just and faithful men.

The dread of the LORD is devotion and dedication to knowledge, especially the knowledge of the LORD. Their devotion, discipline, and dedication will keep them and justify the heart; it will also give them joy and gladness.

It will be well to them that dread the Creator, Yahayah. Such a man will be blessed in the days of his comfort! Reverence the LORD, dread the LORD, and joy in all your days!

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This post is based on Sirach chapter 1 verses 11-15


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