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The Chronological Order of the Bible Story: Rebellions

What happened next in the chronological order of the Bible story, after dominions? Rebellion! The whole foundation of the earth was thrown off by the first couples decision to rebel against the Lord God and against the Heavenly Kingdom.

Adam and his lovely wife Eve were given dominions and commanded to subdue the earth. However, they had other restrictions they had to maintain. One huge restriction was getting into talks or negotiations with those of the certain knowledge set.

Those of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam was to set sail when they came upon him for talks, conversations, and anything that would offend. Let’s make this colorful… let’s say the Island or Isle of Haiti is under French control.

Chronological Order of the Bible: Rebellions

Haiti is a protectorate of the kingdom of France, in our colorable example. Meanwhile, the thirteen English Confederate Colonies (13-ECC) are a protectorate of the kingdom of Great Britain (GB) and England. The 13-ECC staged a bloody uproar against GB, in the uproar they also declare their independence, rebelling from GB.

The world is shocked at the belligerence and the success of it. One by one, nations begin to officially recognize the newly successful rebellious nation, now known as the US, as a nation. Remember, GB and France are friends. GB tells their good friends France not to talk to the 13-ECC (yes, they still call them by their old name).


Declaring Independence

France tells all their protectorates the same, “No talking to 13-ECC.” However, before France knows it, Haiti is having dinner with the US (13-ECC) and there is a lot of smiling and laughing going on. One day, to Frances distraught, Haiti stages a bloody uproar against France.

They declare their own independence. The end. Now this example was by no means how the real historical events went with those real nations. It was just an example to help draw the parallels of what Adam and Eve did. Adam had talks with the being behind the network of the knowledge of good and evil.

Adam had these talks through his trusted ambassador and chief representative, his wife Eve. They decided to rebel and declare independence. The “power couple” did not want to be a protectorate of the Heavenly Kingdom any longer; they broke their bands and cords from the Lord.

Drama, Drama, Drama…

They were sentenced and driven away from Paradise. Nevertheless, a merciful compassionate God still had a watchful eye over them. The Lord also had a plan to buy back or redeem them from the situation they signed themselves into.

The next step in the in the chronological order of the bible is the rebellion that took place (Genesis 3). This is a good reason why the Bible is a book with plenty of woes and drama. Since the rebellion, the Bible makes shows like Power, Empire, Narcos, being Mary Jane, and Billions to blush.

Adam had a kingdom, he was a king, but through rebellion, he gave it away and was fallen like one of the princes. This was part two, you can review the original episode called Dominions. It’s all part of our chronological order of the Bible story series. God bless!


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