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The Book of the Generation of Jesus: Reframe

This is the book of the generation of Jesus (Yahshua) the Anointed from Elohim (God), the son of David, the son of Abraham. The generations followed this manner; Abraham had Isaac, and Isaac had Jacob and Jacob and Judah and all of his brother’s (the twelve tribes).

Judah had Phares and Zara from Thamar. Phares had Esrom, who had Aram, who had Aminadab, who begat Naasson. Naasson was the father of Salmon, who had Booz (Boaz), from the Kenites of Rachab, and Booz had Obed, from the Moabitess, Ruth.

Obed’s son was Jesse, who had David, who became King David of Israel. King David had Solomon, his mother was Bathsheba, who was Urias the Hittite’s wife. Solomon had Roboam, who had Abia, who had Asa, and Asa fathered Josaphat (Jehoshaphat).

The Book of the Generation of Jesus

Joram was Josaphat’s son, who had Ozias, who fathered Joatham, who begat Achaz. Achaz fathered Ezekias, who had Manasses, who had Amon, who begat Josias.

Josias (Josiah) fathered Jechonias and his brothers, and this is about the time the kingdom of Judah was carried away captive by the Babylonians. While in Babylon in captivity, Jechonias fathered Salathiel, who begat Zorobabel.

Zorobabel fathered Abiud, who fathered Eliakim, who had Azor, who fathered Sadoc, who begat Achim, who fathered Eliud. Eliud’s son was Eleazar, who fathered Matthan, who had Jacob.

Jacob fathered Joseph, who was the husband of Mary (Miriam), who mothered Yahshua (Jesus the Christ), who is known as the Christ in Greek, the Messiah in Hebrew, or plainly the Anointed One sent from the Heavenly Kingdom.

Fourteen Generations

The generation from Abraham to David were fourteen generations in total. From David to the hostile captive state to Babylon were fourteen generations. Lastly, from the carrying away to Babylon to the Anointed One from God were fourteen generations.

Now the birth of Yahshua (Jesus) the Holy Messiah was on this wise; when his mother, Mary, was engaged and married to Joseph, she was already pregnant. Before she and Joseph came together in the consummation of the marriage, she was pregnant with a child of the Holy Ghost.

Joseph was a just, meek, and humble man, and was not willing to make her a public example of adultery. Thus he quietly and privately put her away. He was saddened and thought on the situation enough for angelic intervention.

The LORD Appeared in a Dream

An angel of the LORD appeared to him in a dream and told him not to worry. “Don’t fear Joseph, you son of David, continue with your marriage to Mary, because the child in her womb was conceived by the Holy Spirit.”

The angel continued, “She will bring a son into the world and you should call his name Yahshua (Jesus) because he will save his people from their sins.”

All of this was done that it might be fulfilled, the word that was spoken by the prophet which said, ‘See, a virgin will be with child, and will bring forward a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel’, Emmanuel being interpreted is, God with us, or God with man.

After this, Joseph woke from his sleep and proceeded as the angel of the LORD bid him. He continued his marriage to Mary his wife. He still did not lay with her until after she delivered her firstborn son to the world, and He called his name, Yahshua (Jesus).

Selah (based on Matthew chapter 1)

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