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Ruth Chapter 3 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Ruth chapter 3 summary began as Naomi coached Ruth on how she should find more favor with Boaz (their close kinsman). She gave Ruth instructions on how to get close with Boaz, really close.

In essence, she told her to let him know you’re interested (eyebrows flaring up and down). She literally told her daughter in law to go lay next to him at bedtime just see what he would tell her to do next.

At midnight, Boaz awoke and found Ruth laying next to him. Then he asked what she was doing? She told him to lay with her because he is her next of kin. This might sound freaky or different because it is.

Ruth Chapter 3 Summary

If it wasn’t for the “Israeli” custom of marriage and widowhood, many would have closed off this story. What is the custom? If a man died without having a child with his wife, his next of kin was responsible to provide a child for him through his widow.

In addition, the next of kin would also be responsible to raise the child up for the man who passed away. Most cultures don’t have this instilled so it indeed sounds and would feel weird. Ruth was following the custom in Israel.

Boaz thought it very honorable and virtuous of a stranger to take part in the custom of Israel. He was also happy because he was a little older, she could have attempted this with one of the younger fellows.

Nevertheless, Boaz checked first to see if a closer kinsman would do the part, and if not he would. She returned and told Naomi all that took place. This is the summary of Ruth chapter 3, glory to the Most High God.


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