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The Priesthood Study (Podcast)


Hi and welcome to or back to, today’s study is on the priesthood. This is in response to a question asked, what is the Priesthood.¬†When we look at the Priesthood, we are primarily looking at the sons of Levi and the sons of Israel as it pertains to the Bible. In this study we will go over the priest before Levi, Moses, Aaron, and Israel, and how they were priest but they were not priest of God. We will talk about how other cultures had/have their own gods and therefore had their own priest.


The Priesthood Study

We will also look at the fact that the Children of Israel were set up as the Priest of God for the purpose of administering His Word to all the sons of Adam who have gotten away from God (in the Garden of Eden). It should also be pointed out that the tribe of Levi was chosen to be the main administers of the service of God among the children of Israel (and we will learn why and how this affects us today).
Ultimately, we are all looking to join the priesthood and royalty of God as stated in the book of Revelation, we are Kings and Priest unto our God. Enjoy the study and we’ll see you next time.

Koko Ishe
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