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O That Ishmael Might Live Before Thee

Good day. O That Ishmael Might Live Before Thee! I began these last few writings that began with your ideology of religion and Christianity being off. You’d have to go back to the beginning of these to follow the concept here.

I stated that your ideology is off because the practicality of religion and Christianity is off. I further explain why that is the case and primarily it’s because of the practicality, the practice of religion and the practice of Christianity have taken a horrible turn over the last, 2000 years.

The practicality of the scriptures flies out of the window when the focus becomes solely spirituality. An example of this is that most of the world, especially Christians, do not focus on practical things such as food, clothing, and shelter here on the earth. They are led and taught to rather focus on spiritual matters, such as those concerning the afterlife.

This mindset, or this ideology completely distracts the religious man and woman, and the Christian.

They are distracted from points made out in the Scriptures.

The first which we tackled was a description of the lands on the Earth, and who they were attributed towards. We further took the patriarch of the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish religions, called Abram or Abraham, and we show that the land of Canaan and more were given to him by Divine promise or covenant. We shared that these lands were not only for him but for his seed after him.

Yet when you go to church, every Sunday or Saturday, most Christians are never led to investigate the lands given to this forefather of their faith.

Also, in very practical terms, because spirituality has superiorly overthrown all things, physical, food, clothing, and shelter in the right now, his seed, speaking of Abram, after him is not thoroughly sought after or investigated. Thus this divine promise can be discarded, or ignored. Further, the covenants for Abram’s seed can be presented to those who do not have the divine covenants and promises given to them based on their hereditary lineage.

Does this make any sense?

Let’s move on to today’s subject title, “O That Ishmael Might Live Before Thee!”

In Genesis chapter 17, Abram had a significant encounter with the Creator Almighty. At the age of 99, the Creator Almighty appeared to Abram and reaffirmed His covenant with him. This covenant was mentioned in chapter 12, 13, and 15 of Genesis. These covenants concerned land and the multiplication of seed.

The Creator Almighty promised to make Abram the father of many nations and to bless him exceedingly. Additionally, the Almighty established the practice of circumcision as a sign of His covenant with Abram and his descendants.

The Creator Almighty also promised that Sara, Abram’s wife, would have a son, even though she was elderly and hadn’t had children before. Despite initially laughing at the idea, Abram trusted in the Creator Almighty’s promise. The Creator then tells Abram that the son born to Sara will be named Isaac, and through him, the covenant will be established. Again, special emphasis on Isaac, “through him,” the covenant will be established.

To this, Abram thought as many of us would think.

I’m older, in his case, he has a son, and his wife is older, let’s not go through the trouble. Thus Abram requests, “O that Ishmael may live before Thee!”

In other words, the seed is here, Ishmael, let him be enough for the covenant. However, we learn a lesson about our will and the Almighty’s will being done.

Sometimes, we do not push our children because we place upon them our childhood or current limitations. But guess what? The Almighty, hence the title “All Mighty” does not have any limitations. So He will ignore our limited beliefs, desires, and reasoning. He ignored Abram’s limited desires. He tells Abram that Sara, his wife, will have a son for him indeed; they are to name him Isaac, and with their son, He will establish His covenant.

It will be an everlasting covenant with Isaac’s seed after him.

The Almighty also assures Abram that while Ishmael, his son with Sara’s maidservant Hagar, will be blessed and become the father of a great nation, the covenant will specifically be established with Isaac and his descendants.

Let’s pretend for a moment:

In all practicality, men, and women you can try this at home. If you have children, multiple pets, or favorite objects, try this. Pretend you are Abram, your first child is Ishmael, your second is Isaac. The covenants that were made to you will be passed to your second child as presented to you by the Almighty.

Now, we are still pretending; pretend you took a nap and woke up 4,000 years later. You turn on the TV and you see the whole world practicing the faith of your Creator. You smile, then realize they have omitted your sons from the tangible covenant promises, such as land and resources. Instead, they have promised your second son’s offspring, riches in Heaven. They preach heavily that all people are accepted into the covenants of Abram that it is spiritual and not physical.

The atrocities of all atrocities are that the world leaders and people do not allow your second son’s seed to even sit at the table and discuss the matters.

You awake from this dream. We are out of the pretend for now.

What do you think of that kind of situation? What would Abram think?

For the “Christian” world to believe, say, teach, and suggest that the seed of Isaac is not important is a spicy mild slap in the face to both the Almighty and Abram. Abram pleaded for Ishmael to be accepted. Ishmael was not. Why? He was not accepted because the Almighty Father desired the seed between Abram and his wife Sara. The Almighty was particular.

Today, we are not particular, we are general, and widely general to the level of omitting the actual seed. This is a reasonable practical point of view. Who is the seed of Isaac that the Almighty set His covenant upon? I shall put down the pen for now.

Power be with you.

Minister Koko

Consul General, AKOPPI

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