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Numbers Chapter 30 Summary: Chapter Summaries

 Numbers chapter 30 summary concerns vows made to the Lord. This is a brief chapter and it began with Moses who reminded the leaders of Israel about vows made to God. If a man vowed a vow to God, that man must not break his word; he must do all that he said out of his mouth.

However, it is a little different when it comes to a woman. In the event a woman vowed to the Lord, if she was married and her husband heard her vow, he had the authority to disallow or dismiss her vow before God.

In the case he did dismiss her vow, God would disregard her vow; if he did not, God would require their vow of them. The same goes for an unmarried daughter or maid, her father could disallow or reverse her vow that he heard come out of her mouth.

Numbers Chapter 30 Summary

The widowed or divorced woman’s vow would stand and they (widowed and divorced) must perform their vows. These are the statutes God commanded Moses to teach Israel between a man and his wife, a father and his daughter who was in her youth in her father’s house.

An unmarried thirty-year-old woman and above, living on her own did not count towards her father’s house. Marriage vows mean a bit more to us, now don’t they? This is the summary of Numbers chapter 30, the glory is of the Lord.


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