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Numbers Chapter 2 Summary: Chapter Summaries

In Numbers chapter 2 summary, God commanded Moses and the children of Israel to pitch or settle by their own standard (custom) and ensign (banner or flag) of their father’s house. However, there was a particular way to do this.

Number one, they needed to pitch their camp far off from where the tabernacle of the congregation was located. God already chose their stations; to the east of the tabernacle, the tribe of Judah pitched.

A man named Nahshon was the captain or leader of the children of Judah. The tribe of Issachar was pitched next to Judah and Nethaneel was their chief. The tribe of Zebulun was next and a man named Eliab was their captain.

Numbers Chapter 2 Summary

Of these three, Judah was the head and would lead all battles. On the south of the tabernacle, was Reuben, Simeon, Gad, with their captains Elizur, Shelumiel, and Eliasaph. They were the second rank upon a battle.

To the west of the tabernacle was the standard and tribe of Ephraim. With them on the west were Manasseh, Benjamin with their captains, Elishama, Gamaliel, and Abidan. They were the third rank.

On the north of the tabernacle were the children of Dan. With them were the tribes Asher, Naphtali, and their captains, Ahiezer, Pagiel, and Ahira. They were the hindermost or fourth rank for military action.

The tribe of Levi was based in the center of all the tribes as all tribes did all that Moses commanded they do. They all had a total of six hundred and three thousand, five hundred and fifty troops (603,550, not counting the Levites).

This is the summary of Numbers chapter 2, glory to the God of Israel.


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