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Numbers Chapter 19 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Numbers chapter 19 summary goes into what had to be done when someone touched a dead body, as well as some other ceremonies. The chapter began with the order regarding the red heifer.

This was a ceremony for the children of Israel to keep for a water of separation. It was a purification for sin. They brought the red heifer, which was without spot or blemish, in addition, no yoke ever put upon it.

Eleazar, the priest, had to perform the ceremony, which included slaying the heifer, sprinkling the blood seven times before tabernacle of the congregation. It was a similar ceremony to the two goats ceremony (in Leviticus chapter 16). This is a purification for sin ritual.

Numbers Chapter 19 Summary

The chapter transitions into the cleansing ceremony if anyone touched a dead body. Anyone who touched a dead body was considered unclean and had to go through this purification process. They are unclean for seven days, on the third day they purified themselves with the priest and would be clean upon the seventh day.

If they did not purify themselves by the third day, they defile the tabernacle of God and were cut off from among their people. This is the mandate for the dead and those who were among dead bodies.

The unclean had to take the ashes of the heifer and running water and place it into a vessel. A clean person then had to take hyssop and dip it in the water and sprinkle it on the tent where the person died and on all the people who were there.

This was an ongoing statute in Israel for purification of sin and of a dead body. This is the summary of Numbers chapter 19, glory to Honor, the God of Israel.


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