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Numbers Chapter 15 Summary: Chapter Summaries

In Numbers chapter 15 summary, we will learn about the laws regarding sacrifices, a man put to death, and affirmations (yes affirmations or visualizations)! God gave the children of Israel their requirements for offering to God by fire, be it a burnt offering, sacrifice,  or performing a vow.

It could be a freewill offering, solemn feasts, or whatever, however they were commanded to make it a sweet savor to God from their herd or flock. It didn’t matter if the natural born Israelite offers or the stranger among them, there was one ordinance for both of them in the congregation.

The “one law” for all people among Israel is an ordinance forever in their generations, as it says, “as you are, so shall the stranger be before the Lord.” There was and still is one law!

Numbers Chapter 15 Summary

If someone sinned by ignorance, they were commanded to offer a sin offering. The officiating priest would make an atonement for him and he will be forgiven of his sin. However, if someone sinned presumptuously, such person had to bear his own iniquity because he despised the Word of the Lord.

The chapter ended with a man who presumptuously sinned when he collected sticks on the sabbath day. No one knew what to do with him; so they put him in a holding cell until it was declared what should be done.

The Lord decreed that the man should be put to death. And he was stoned by the congregation and died for his trespass. The Lord then instituted that the children of Israel wear clothing that reminded them of God’s law so when they are in their normal day, they do not forget.

Fringes as a Reminder

They sowed fringes to the bottom of their clothing to affirm and visualize keeping God’s ways. It like if someone wants a dream job; they should post things around their house to constantly remind them of what they want and need to do to attain the dream job.

The fringes were the reminders for the children of Israel’s dream job; stay close to the Lord and do His ways. This is the summary of Numbers chapter 15, glory to the Holy One of Israel.


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