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The Last Night of the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Unleavened Bread
This night is a high Sabbath to the Lord God of Israel (Jesus) and if you’re wondering that it does not fall on the normal weekly Sabbath (on the seventh day), there is a good reason. This is because the Bible highlights seven annual Sabbaths the children of Israel (and the world) are required to keep as Holy Days (“Holidays”). All of the Holy Days of God can be found and read about in the book of Leviticus chapter twenty-three. It is because of these annual Sabbaths that the world at large have a big misunderstanding about the death of Jesus (as we posted on last week during the Passover.

Again the overview of this week-long feast is that Jesus, the Lamb of God, became our Passover. He was killed on the fourteenth day of the first month of Abib. The ordinance of the Passover was then changed for the children of Israel; but not the Passover. Instead of having dinner with bitter herbs and roasting a lamb, you simply have the bread and wine that represents the body of Christ. The bread needs to be unleavened to represent living without sin.


The day after the Passover is the actual Holy Day and High Sabbath. It is the first day of the feast of unleavened bread. This is a Holy Day and this is why the Jews were urgent to remove Jesus from the cross because keeping any dead around would defile the land and curse it. Some modern day, and most of the early Roman church officials have mistaken the first day of the feast of unleavened bread for the actual seventh day Sabbath. This mistake has caused much of the Christian world to observe ‘Friday’ as the day of Jesus death, thus calling it ‘Good Friday’.


We’ve studied how it is not possible for Jesus to have died on Friday and rise on Sunday, because that would literally dismiss Jesus Christ as the Messiah from God. However, the feast of unleavened bread is to last for seven full days. The first and last night of this week long feast are Holy Days and High Sabbaths that are to be kept Holy. We are commanded to keep a Holy Gathering (church service or service) on the first and seventh night; as well as eat unleavened bread throughout the entire week.


Doing all of this represents living without sin during these seven days God Almighty has given man to exist in the flesh and blood form. Jesus has passed over our sins, and we are to live sin-free as much as we can. Some people ask or suggest if it is necessary to go through the particulars of eating unleavened bread for seven days if all it represents is living without sin. The answer to that is yes, it is still all very vital to do because it was the God of Israel (Jesus) who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. For this, the feast of unleavened bread has become a statue and ordinance to do and keep forever (Exodus 12 v17).


Leaven represents sin. Jesus confirmed to His disciples to be aware of the leavening of the Pharisees and Sadducees doctrine. Their doctrine was full of sin and falsehoods (Matthew 16 v11-12). This is a warning all serious Bible Christians should look into today. The leavening in different doctrines within ‘Christianity’ exists and it is for you to study thoroughly to be sure you are not consumed by it.


Peter warns of to beware of false teachings of Jesus Christ and false prophets rising up declaring to teach about Jesus, but really they only bring damnable heresies. We must stay awake and keep to the ways of our God. In everything, this Holy Week we must remember that Jesus is our Passover. We have to purge out the old leaven, our old sin, and become a new person being unleavened – that is without sin. Paul also commands Christians to keep the feast of unleavened bread with sincerity and with truth (First Corinthians 5 v7-8). God bless you today in Jesus name.



Koko Ishe


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