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My Mouth is Like a Sharp Sword

Welcome to – This short study is titled, My Mouth is Like a Sharp Sword.

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As you take the time to really study the Bible, you’ll learn a lot of cool things that most people just cannot see when they are reading through the Bible. If you are one who keeps to Commandments of the Almighty God, and you pray and ask for understanding, the God of Israel will give it to you.

My Mouth is Like a Sharp Sword

In this short Bible study I want to talk about the Lord Jesus who repeatedly throughout the Bible makes mention that He will be glorified in the eyes of the nations. The way He will pull this off is through the sharpness of His Word.


In fact, there is a scripture that says, “my mouth was made like a sharp sword.” This is why when Jesus speaks, most people are ready for war.


Psalm 120

7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.


In Isaiah chapter 49, the Lord Jesus tells everyone to listen to Him. He was called from His mother’s womb, from the very young age He made mention of the Lord’s name. He was made, in the flesh, ready to accomplish everything He was prophesied and set out to accomplish.


Jesus was sent out not only recover His people, the children of Israel, but to recover the entire world. The entire world included the Gentiles, who for some reason appeared to be the challenge as it pertains to recovering people. This is probably so because they would be ruling the entire world at that time and sometimes it is difficult to recover people who feel as if they don’t need any recovery.


In Isaiah 49 verse 6, the Father said ‘it is a light thing that Jesus should be a servant to raise up and recover the tribes of Israel’, speaking of the 12 tribes of Jacob, the children of Israel, who were scattered throughout the world.

 My Mouth is Like a Sharp Sword

Jesus tells this would be rather simple recovery. The more challenging recovery is to restore and be a light to the Gentiles that Jesus may be salvation unto the ends of the earth.


This is because prior, to Israel introducing Jesus to the Gentiles, the Gentiles sacrificed unto Devils. They followed god’s that were no gods.


I Corinthians 10

20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.


How do we know this? It’s because the Gentiles have taken the gods from the Canaanites and seven Canaanite nations and also some of the gods from the Egyptians. The gods of Christmas and Easter, popular ‘Christian” holidays today, are nothing but dressed up pagan celebrations.


Now, even though Israel sinned against the Lord God, the Lord has not forsaken them. In fact, it says in verse 15 in Isaiah 49 that if a woman can forget her little child and not have any compassion, the Lord says a woman may do that, but He will not do that.


He has graven the names of the children of Israel in His palms, so that they will be ever before Him. Although the children of Israel have been put away because they refused to serve God, He has given them a double punishment, which was a world wide captivity.


Nevertheless, in the coming years before the Lord returns God will lift up His hands to the Gentiles, giving them the signal that He wants His children returned to Him. Verse 23 says that ‘the Gentiles will bring the children of Israel back to the Lord.

The Lord’s Mouth is Like a Sharp Sword

In fact, some of the wealthiest rulers of the Gentiles, their kings and their queens will be nursing mothers to the children of Israel, and bring them back swiftly to the Lord.


It will be in that day that the Lord God of Israel will show all flesh that God alone is the Savior, the Redeemer and the Mighty One of Jacob (Israel). Israel is the beginning of the Church of God. If anyone wants to be redeemed by God, they must join themselves to the children of Israel and follow the ordinances that were given to the children of Israel on Mount Sinai through Moses.


The Lord’s mouth is a sharp sword and was made that way by the Father to equip Jesus to do everything that He set out to accomplish. And this is why Jesus said He is come to do not His will, but everything that the Father has told Him to do.


Grace and peace and blessings on this Sabbath Day, may you enjoy and be edified in the Lord in Jesus name amen.
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