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Matthew Chapter 8 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Welcome to Matthew chapter 8 summary, a chapter where we will read about great faith, Jesus healing, and more great faith. The chapter began with Jesus as He healed a leprous man, and this man had that unclean leprosy.

The one most people don’t want to be around, let alone touch. Jesus touched him and healed him. After this, a Roman army officer or centurion came to Jesus and asked Jesus to heal his servant who’d fallen ill with the palsy.

Jesus opted to go heal the steward of the centurion, but the centurion forbade the LORD from visiting his humble abode. Instead, the centurion told the LORD he understood authority and asked the LORD to authorize the healing by simply speaking the word.

No Such Faith in All of Israel

This caught the LORD by surprise as He was even marveled by it. Jesus told His own followers that He hadn’t seen this kind of faith in all of Israel. He followed that by saying many of the children of the kingdom (Israelites) will be on the outside looking in the kingdom of heaven.

They will be watching people from all over the world sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which in itself is a sad thought. Jesus continued to heal, He healed Peter’s mother and bunch of people possessed with devils.

People were so much in awe, one scribe voiced to the LORD he wanted to follow Jesus wherever He went. The crowds were large, but Jesus had to settle something in Gergesa, so He and disciples boarded a ship and went across the water to Gergesa.

Demons Know and Fear Jesus

On the way, Jesus calmed a storm by talking to it to the amazement of His disciples and questioned their low level of faith. The chapter ended with the meeting in Gergesa. Two men filled with devils who dwelled in a graveyard approached Jesus and they knew exactly who Jesus was.

They wondered if their time to be tormented was pushed ahead of schedule. They may have talked tough to begin, but, they humbly asked the LORD if they could go into a herd of pigs (after leaving the men).

When they did, those pigs violently ran into a body of water drowning themselves. The people of the town were so in shocked at the entire encounter that they kindly asked Jesus to leave their coasts.

Two extremely madmen were healed, returned to their conscious mind and a herd of pigs was lost. That was too much for this city, “Please leave,” they asked. This is the summary of Matthew chapter 8, glory to the Faithful God.


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