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Matthew Chapter 6 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Matthew chapter 6 summary is a continuation of Jesus Sermon on the Mount from the previous chapter. The LORD continued His teachings and it started with giving.

There is a proper way to give, which included not blasting our giving for everyone to see and hear. Too many people do this, in fact when we give to the poor, we should do so in a very discrete manner.

When we do, the Father will reward us openly. Jesus also taught about prayer. His teaching on prayer had the same connotation and tone as that of giving. When we pray, we should not pray in front of people with an overt tone of piousness and extended speech.

Matthew Chapter 6 Summary

Jesus suggested when we pray, we do so privately and briefly because the Father knows what we have need of before we even open our mouths. The LORD even gave us an example prayer which has become known as The LORD’s Prayer.

It began with the phrase, Our Father, which art in Heaven. The chapter transitioned into fasting: likewise, when we fast, we should avoid fasting for other people or be seen by other people.

So often, people fast to present themselves as religious or a strong-willed person so dedicated to the LORD. Jesus, however, insisted that when we fast, we should not even know we are fasting.

That’s right; no long faces, no dry skin, no powder/dust on the head; we should keep our (fast) day as normal as any other day.

Increase Your Faith

Then the chapter points to different things such as storing our treasures in Heaven, which is basically putting more focus on the kingdom to come. Treasures in Heaven is preferable than in the temporary life we have today.

The LORD also talked about keeping a positive attitude by keeping light in our eye or in our minds. We should know who we are serving and that should be the Father and not material things in the earth today.

The chapter then transitions as Jesus talked about trusting God. We cannot trust God if we are constantly full of worry. If we are overly consumed with the things that we want; our height, food, clothing, houses, cars, etc; we are living faithless lives.

Seek Ye First the Kingdom

Jesus taught that we should first seek the kingdom of God and God’s righteousness. As we do, then all the things that we desire, want, and need will always be provided for us.

Therefore, we should not to take any thought or worry about things in the future. We should live today in the moment and be content with the blessings that we have right now.

This chapter, along with all of the teachings of Jesus in the opening of His ministry, are so applicable to our daily lives, it is a wonder they aren’t taught every week in the churches. This is the summary of Matthew chapter 6, glory to Honor.


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