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Making Void the Law through Faith


Making Void the Law through Faith

When we read in Romans chapter 3, specifically verse 31, it is made clear by Apostle Paul that we do not under any circumstances void out the law of God through faith. In fact, apostle to the nations said we should indeed establish the law of God rather than void it.

Making Void the Law through Faith

To void God’s law through faith is to make the statement, “the law is no more, all that is needed is belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”

That would excuse the murderous man who murders constantly, but believes on Jesus Christ. If such a man killed for any reason, such as for something that made him upset or the style of clothing someone wears; fellow Christians wouldn’t invite such a man over for fellowship simply because he believes in Jesus Christ.

It is okay to boast ones faith, through the law of faith, and a man is justified by faith, according to verse 28, but we do not make the law of God void through faith. Ultimately, Paul is letting us know that by carrying out the law, we will not be justified before God, neither will faith alone. We must have faith mixed with our works and works in the law.

We are justified by faith, but the law is not to be voided through faith, but to be established.



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