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Magnified Him Exceedingly


In II Chronicles 1:1, the Lord did what he’d done for Moses, Joshua, David, and many other leaders in Israel, God magnified him exceedingly.

It says:

And Solomon the son of David was strengthened in his kingdom, and the LORD his God was with him, and magnified him exceedingly.

Solomon took over the kingdom from his father David and the scripture says that God began to strengthen his kingdom and that the Most High God was with him and magnified him exceedingly.

Solomon may be on a national level because he was a king and ruler over people, but God also does this in our lives when we serve Him wholly. When we put God first in our lives, God turns around and starts to magnify us exceedingly. Our friends and family will start to see a difference in us even if it’s on a smaller level.

This could be something they see in our understanding of scripture, or it could be something such as promotions at work, business increasing, health increasing, or more people wanting to be around us or speak with us, the Lord is magnifying our presence, our being, our situations.

Magnified Him Exceedingly

Throughout the history of the children of Israel, especially when they inserted kingship and not just judges, whichever king put their hearts solely on God, God magnified them in the eyes of all the people, including the nations around them.

He did it would Moses, God did with Joshua and God did it again with Saul and even with David, and when the kingdom was being passed to David’s son God did so with Solomon.

Both Peter and James both wrote that if you humble yourself before the mighty God He will lift you up and do it in due time (James 4:10, I Peter 5:6). Too often we are trying to get where we need to get or where we want to get and we don’t exercise the patience of God in allowing us to get there.

Magnified Him Exceedingly

We attempt to magnify ourselves. We have to remember that when we try to do it ourselves, it is going to fall short. But when we allow God to do it for us, by focusing on the Most High God, God is going to lift us up, He’s going to magnify us exceedingly.

Magnified Him ExceedinglyThe reason God does this is so that we can take heed to who He’s lifting up and it we can latch on and be like that person. And if you see someone who is starting to appear to be magnified, they are beginning to have good things happen to them in their lives, latch on and see what you can pull from it.

We can learn from all people. The Bible even tells us to learn from the lazy man, growing up, I used to learn from a homeless man. This is to say, we can learn from anyone, even if they don’t walk in the straightness of the Lord; there may be something you can pull from their promotion in life.

Seek the Lord fully and He will magnify you exceedingly.

God bless you today in Jesus name.

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