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Lifestyles: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Lifestyles of kingdom living through biblical principles is back with yet another principle. Today is number twenty-six. We have to follow the Creator Lord, and let the dead tend to things not about life.

What this ultimately means is that we have to rearrange our lives to follow things that pertain to life. Only focus on life-generating things! Our cornerstone should be to deliver the words of life to those who remain in the land of the living.

Life is positivity, positive energy, life is nurturing, giving, healing, growing, and building (rebuilding). The opposite of life is death, it is negativity, negative energy, neglecting, hindering, taking, aggravating, diminishing, and tearing down.

Focus on Life!!

Pity parties are part of the administration of death. The reason the great Master said to follow Him and let the dead bury their dead, was because our focus needs to be on life. He was teaching us to focus on life.

The dead know nothing, spiritually and physically speaking; therefore we all need to be about life. This is not limited to life and death, in the sense of the dead body and the funeral; but also to behavior.

Our behavior leading activities play a major role in our results. Some of our activities that create our behavior, tend and lead to life; where others lead to death. Follow life, and let those who are on a path to destruction, and want to take you there with them, bury their dead!


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One Comment

  1. Roxanne Roxanne

    “Let the dead bury their dead” The response the Messiah gave back to the man that Messiah ask to follow Him, was shocking to me when I first read this passage many decades ago. These where my early years of real Bible study, when I was first learning the Bible and the ways of our Creator. The man seemed to be using an honorable excuse. I may have pictured a very aged or sick father who was soon to die. I thought I was not kind of Messiah to say that to the man.
    But as I have grown in grace, wisdom and great love for my Savior I realize many things that He said take much prayer, much knowing Him, much Loving Him to receive proper understanding.
    I now believe that he was telling the man that he and his father and all people were and are in a dead state without Him. And that he (the man) needed to follow Him now and learn of Him and receive the way to life. And what a awesome privilege to be hand picked by Messiah himself. And as the story goes, the man wanted to follow Messiah but he thought could at a later time. So he failed to realize by not following Messiah he missed the opportunity to receive life and convert his father to the way of Life and not death.

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