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Leviticus Chapter 27 Summary: Chapter Summary

The last chapter in Leviticus, Leviticus chapter 27 summary. The final chapter of Leviticus chiefly told about the ordinances around those who were sanctified to God or gave belongings sanctified to the LORD.

And here are a few, everyone that vows to set themselves apart for God had to get a real value from the priest. The value ladder began with children, then women, then men. The same was done for animals.

If the man wanted to offer his animal, house, or other offering and he wanted to redeem it for any reason, he had to add twenty percent (20%) to the estimation the priest gave. At this point, it would then be his.

The next ordinance pertained to vows. Vows of devoted things could not be sold or redeemed because they were most holy to the LORD. If a man would redeem his tithes, he once again had to add twenty percent (20%) to the principle in which he tithed.

These are the commandments, which God commanded Moses for the children of Israel on Mount Sinai. And this is the summary of Leviticus chapter 27, all glory to Yah, the Highest God.


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