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Leviticus Chapter 25 Summary: Chapter Summary

Leviticus chapter 25 summary is a powerful chapter with plenty of spiritual and prophetic implications. The chapter began with God’s instructions to the children of Israel to allow the land to keep a sabbath to the LORD God.

This meant for six years they can sow and prune the field and vineyard, but in the seventh year, they had to let the land rest. The children of Israel also were required to number the sabbaths of years.

This meant for them to count every seven years seven times. That number came to a total of forty-nine (49) years; in the fiftieth (50th) year they blew the trumpet of jubilee on the tenth day of the seventh month (the day of atonement).

It was the year of the jubilee.

The jubilee was a year of release, which meant every man was obligated to return to his family and to his possessions. In the jubilee there was no sowing, reaping, gathering, or dressing the vineyard because it was a holy year.

Leviticus Chapter 25 Summary

If a man was holding slaves, in the year of release he was required to let the slave go. If a man had a large debt, in the jubilee he was forgiven of the debt. Since there was no working the land in the seventh year, what were they to eat that year?

God would bring blessings in the sixth year to bring enough produce for three years. The LORD had a ready system. The chapter ended as GOD’s continual claim that the children of Israel are His servants because He brought them out of Egypt.

This is the summary of Leviticus chapter 25, glory to the Highest.


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