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Leviticus Chapter 20 Summary

Leviticus chapter 20 summary begins with a death warning or promise to anyone who gives their child to be sacrificed to Molech or any god.

Such person would be stoned by the congregation! And if you witnessed it, you had to tattletale or snitch.

Snitches didn’t receive stitches back then, as God required anyone who witness someone sacrificing their child to Molech to report it to the elders or God would come for that person.

Leviticus Chapter 20 Summary

If someone turned to familiar spirits and wizards, God would cut such person from among His people. More behavior correction is reminded in this chapter. Such as the cursing of mother and father, the committing of adultery, or lying carnally with anyone that is a near kin. These are all punishable by death.

Many of these behaviors bring in confusion to those observing them, like a father lying with his daughter in law, or a man lying with another man like he would a woman.

Such acts are an abomination and they both will be put to death. God severed the children of Israel from other people that they may be His own. They are to act like His by doing His ways. They would avoid the ways of the world or people around them.

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