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Leviticus Chapter 1 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Into Leviticus, we go, and in Leviticus chapter 1 summary, God called Moses regarding the offerings to the LORD. The LORD told Moses to tell the children of Israel what types of offering or sacrifice they should bring to the Lord.

The most important detail was that their offering/sacrifice had to be a male without blemish if it was a burnt sacrifice. Adding to that, anyone offering should do so voluntarily.

They couldn’t or shouldn’t do any offering or sacrifice with a heavy heart or out of obligation. Burnt offerings were handled by Aaron and his sons and they were in charge of the rituals that went along with the animal sacrifice.

Leviticus Chapter 1 Summary

The burnt offering required a cattle or sorts, but if they brought a bird, it had to be a turtledove or young pigeon. The order of the offering and sacrifices, which Aaron and his sons were required to handle was the basis of this chapter.

It will be the basis for the consequent chapters here in the book of Leviticus. Leviticus is the Levitical order or the law for the children of Israel. They are officially leaving the order of Melchizedek and going into the order of Levi.

And this is the brief summary of Leviticus chapter 1, glory to Honor.


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