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Kingdom of Priests: The Law

Kingdom of Priests: The Law

The Law

Kings rule or govern their people, but they Lord over a territory or land. God as King and Lord rules over the inhabitants of the earth and is Lord over all the earth. How does a king rule over people and Lord over a jurisdiction? To do this effectively, the king must have order.

We may think of a court case and hear a judge yell, “ORDER IN MY COURT, ORDER…!” The Lord God rules with order, protocols, ordinances, principles, and by what we call “law.” It is the only way to rule, and in order to rule effectively there must be a great deal of organization and order.

The Eternal God is law. The law is often conceal in one word, as professed by the famed Israelite ambassador, as love (Romans 13:10, Galatians 5:14). There are set laws in the universe and in our world that simply do not change at all. Laws work all the time.

The Law Does Not BEND!

There are natural laws, there are physical laws, scientific laws, communal laws, and these laws do not bend for any reason. For instance, the law of gravity will win (in by itself) 100 percent of the time.

Take 10 people, 100, 1000, or even a million people, and have them jump out of a plane. The result; they all will meet the ground. The law does not bend. However, the law of force or energy can cancel the law of gravity when applied against the law of gravity.

In such case, the law of gravity does not end, it is simply suspended when another law cancels or acts upon it. All of this is to keep order. Without the law of gravity, humans would be floating to no end.

The Law is Set by God

The universe operates by what are known as physics laws. Physics is a branch of knowledge or study in regards to the nature and properties of matter and energy. The earth takes three hundred sixty-five and a quarter days to go around the sun. We call this a year.

We can time this every year and, by law, it will be the same. The same goes for the earth spinning around; it spins completely around every 24 hours. This is set by law, by God. Only the Owner (the One who set it) can change it.

The natural laws, man cannot amend, in fact, none of God’s laws can be amended or changed. This is the case chiefly because man did not set them. We have to keep in mind we are only renting the earth. Humans had nothing to do with the architecture, production, or construction of the earth.

God Gave Man Dominion, by Law

While we may have learned a great deal of how to operate the “thermostat,” we know nothing of how it was made and cannot make a “thermostat” of God’s nature, ourselves. That is to say, we have not put together our own universe, with our own planets, stars, and moons, as of yet.

Enough with the science lesson, what does all of this have to do with the King’s law! The bible says the transgression of the law is sin, and sin is punishable by death. In the beginning, God gave man dominion and one instruction; that was to avoid talking to or learning from the serpent (fallen angel).

As bible students, we have to presume God’s constitution (governing contract) was provided for mankind. In other words, Adam and his family knew clearly of what the Heavenly Kingdom commanded and wanted of them.

My Brother’s Keeper…?

We gather this from Cain’s response to God’s question when asked of the whereabouts of his brother Abel. Cain replied, “I don’t know, am I supposed to keep my brother?

Genesis chapter 4

9 And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?

Perhaps if Cain replied, “Oh am I supposed to keep my brother? I didn’t know Lord. I’m sorry, I got upset and choked him until he went to sleep. He hasn’t woke up yet Lord, he is in the backyard.” This was not his reply and because it wasn’t we can deduct that he was taught what to do and what not to do. God had to set order.

Kingdom of Priests: The Law

After the fall of Adam, the Bible story reads as if God is establishing a family that has fallen from their prestige of kings and princes in the earth. They begin to move further and further from God like a rebellious isolated teenage child.

God then begins a process to recover all of the rebellious children. This process is set to be accomplished one family at a time. The problem is that the rebellion just got worse and worse. It had gotten so bad at one time, God had no restraint in drowning the entire earth.

The Royal Family and Kingdom

After drowning all the inhabitants of the earth, except for one family, God cooled down. The Lord took the children of the patriarch Noah, and decided to focus on Shem’s seed for furthering the colonization plan of the earth.

God found delight in a man named Abram, of Shem’s lineage. The Lord chose Abram’s family as the “re-beginnings,” if you will, of His Royal Family and Kingdom on the earth. Abram’s name is changed to Abraham, and he listened to God’s voice, unlike Adam. Abraham remained in charge of God’s business.

It is obvious God taught Abraham because it is written that Abraham listened to God’s voice. In addition to listening and doing, Abraham is also credited with obeying God’s commandments, God’s statutes, and God’s laws (plural).

God Keeps Order Regardless of Emotions

In other words, Genesis chapter 26 and verse 5, explains that Abraham followed the order God laid out for him to keep. Order is what the King requires. Let’s take a look at the King’s order.

The King of Israel sent Moses to the children of Israel. Moses was fearful because of his inability in eloquent speech and his inability to lead well. This, he felt, kept him feeling as if he wasn’t capable of doing the job God sent him to do. No problem, God orderly sent his brother to speak for and with Moses.

The King (God) had order in war, in destroying Egypt, plague by plague. The King had order in removing the children of Israel out of Egypt. He maintained this order when He fed them in the wilderness. And even when He met with them in person as the King did on Mount Sinai.

The Ten Commandments

When the King met with His people, the King introduced Himself by giving ten simple commands or rules. This was the covenant the citizens of His Kingdom had to live by. This was not a request, but a requirement.

Today, we call these the Ten Commandments. Consequently they are also known as the Royal Covenant (Agreement / Constitution) between God and man (Exodus 34:28, Deuteronomy 4:13). The first four of those commands teach and instruct people on how to treat and handle themselves with God, their King.

The latter six of the covenant teach and instruct people how to treat and handle themselves with the King’s (God’s) children (each other). These commands, when kept, keep order in the kingdom. Obedience to the Royal Covenant is vital.

There is a law of obedience embodied in the commandments. All must obey the King, and if they don’t, as they say in the worldly movies, “off with their head.”


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