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Kingdom of Priests: A King’s Greatness is Measured by His Kingdom’s Prosperity

A King’s Greatness is Measured by His Kingdom’s Prosperity

A King’s Greatness is Measured by His Kingdom’s Prosperity

This can be tricky when we look at the history of this King’s people (speaking of the children of Israel). When Israel obeyed, they were the highest people in the earth. A careful study of the reign of king David and Solomon his son would support this.

We can also simply look at the grandeur they enjoyed under the administration of Moses and Aaron; the prosperity of the Kingdom of Israel was obvious. However, when Israel sinned and broke away from the laws, statutes, ordinances, and judgments of their King, they lived in despair, rottenness, and poverty.

The reason God wanted the children of Israel to follow His order and keep His ways, is so that He could bless them. They would be a wise and understanding people in the eyes of the nations round about them.

Greatness is Measured by His Kingdom’s Prosperity

Their prosperity would convert the nations to desire to join the nation of the great King. An appreciable example of this is displayed in the chronicle between king Solomon and the queen of Sheba.

The queen of Sheba was impressed by Solomon’s riches, his wisdom, and his understanding of the name of God. However, perhaps more than any of these, she was taken away by the beauty, splendor, and order of his Kingdom!

Anyone with such an orderly kingdom, where the citizens and administration are so happy, would be vastly impressive. This is where the queen of Sheba was, and a greater than Solomon is here (Matthew 12:42).

This is what a great king is measured by, by the prosperity and order of his kingdom. When a king’s people are well to do, it reflects on the king; such a King must also be well to do. Even presidents, prime ministers, CEOs, and leaders are measured by how they uphold the government for the good of the people. Greatness is measured at all levels; even with the Lord Jesus!

The concept of lordship is very similar.


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