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Judges Chapter 3 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Judges chapter 3 summary began with the additional reasons God left the Canaanites in the land to dwell with Israel. The children of Israel needed to be proven in fighting battles. This generation wasn’t proven.

The writer identified the nations of Canaan that God would leave in the land because of Israel’s folly. The folly was the league or covenant they made with the Gibeonites. These nations were namely the five lords of the Philistines.

In addition to the Philistines, the Canaanites, Sidonians, and the Hivites were also there. They were left there to prove Israel; sort of like how Satan was left in the garden to prove Adam.

Judges Chapter 3 Summary

God wanted to know if Israel was going to listen to Him under all circumstances or if they were going to bail out to the next new thing or god that came their way. Well, we all have the answer today.

They gave their daughters in marriages to these nations and took their daughters in. They served their gods and did evil in the sight of their God, Yah.

For this, God brought the king of Mesopotamia (Abraham’s original homeland) and made Israel serve this king eight years (he has a really long name, we’ll just call him the king of Mesopotamia). Othniel was used by God to deliver Israel from the king of Mesopotamia. He and Israel prevailed.

Ehud and Shamgar, Judges in Israel

The Spirit of the Lord came upon Othniel and he fought for and judged Israel. The land had rest for 40 years, then Othniel died. Once Othniel passed, the children of Israel went right back to doing evil.

Whenever a judge or righteous generation died, the children of Israel went back to doing their evil ways. This time God made them serve the king of Moab for eighteen years. They once again cried out to the LORD for mercy and help.

God again sent them a deliverer. This time a Benjamite, who was left-handed, his name was Ehud. He went and killed the “fat” king of Moab. This king was very fat, according to record, showing there were fat people in the old and ancient days. Israel enjoyed 80 years of rest and peace through Ehud and Shamgar.

This is the summary of Judges chapter 3, glory to the Highest!


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