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Judges Chapter 15 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Judges chapter 15 summary was Samson’s revenge. The chapter began as Samson returned to visit his wife, at least what he thought was his wife. However, his would-be-father-in-law would not allow him to see his “wife” because he’d already given her away to Samson’s friend.

He did this because he believed Samson was upset that she gave up his riddle to those men at their wedding feast. So Samson’s would-be-father-in-law offered Samson’s would-be wife’s younger sister (he even had a unique selling proposition; she was prettier than her sister).

Samson was not pleased with the slight and misfortune, so he set the Philistines vineyards on fire as the repayment. The Philistines were upset about this and searched for who was responsible.

Judges Chapter 15 Summary

They found out who burned their vineyards and why and set out to settle the score. What did they do? They burned his ex-wife and her father’s household as well, to death. Sounds like organized crime type of retaliation by the Philistines.

They were like the mafia. Samson wasn’t done with them, as he broke the hips and thighs of a bunch of them for their infraction. The Philistines didn’t give up either and came after him.

They invaded Judah looking for Samson and told the men of Judah they came to bind Samson. The men of Judah ask Samson to turn himself in. Samson agreed as long as Judah didn’t attempt to kill him.

The Philistines meant to kill him, but the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson, and he took a jawbone of a donkey and killed a thousand men with it. The chapter concluded stating that Samson judged Israel twenty (20) years because of his great defeat of the Philistines.

This is the summary of Judges chapter 15, glory be to God!


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