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Judges Chapter 13 Summary: Chapter Summary

Judges chapter 13 summary began with the story of a husband and wife who couldn’t have a child. The man was from the family of the tribe of Dan.

In Israel at this time, they had strayed away from God and as a result, they were in forced servitude to the Philistines for forty years. The man’s name is Manoah. In a bizarre event, an angel appeared to his wife who told her she would have a child soon.

The angel declared she would have a son, and instructed her not to drink liquor (wine or strong drink), not to eat foods on the unclean list (found in Leviticus chapter 11), and never put a razor to the child’s head.

Judges Chapter 13 Summary

In essence, he would be a Nazarite to God from the womb, and he was chosen to deliver Israel from the Philistines oppression. That’s a lot of things, I’m sure she had it written down!

The woman mistook the angel for a terribly scary looking man, a man that looked like a frightening angel. She gave the news to her husband. Her husband Manoah asked the LORD to send the man back to teach them exactly what they should do with the child.

The angel returned and told the same thing to Manoah as was told to his wife. Then Manoah offended the angel by asking the angel’s name. While sacrificing to God, the angel jumped into the fire and ascended into the heavens.

Manoah thought he and his wife would die because they saw God, but his wife talked some sense back into him. She said, why would we get the vision of a child, and why would God accept the sacrifice if He would then kill us?

What would he do without his wife? They later had the child and called him Samson. The LORD God blessed the child as the Spirit of the LORD began to move him at times.

This is the summary of Judges chapter 13, glory to the Almighty God.


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