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Joshua Chapter 9 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Joshua chapter 9 summary will reveal how the Gibeonites were able to swindle the leaders of Israel and preserve their lives through an oath. The chapter began as all the kings of the Canaanite lands gathered together.

They gathered to learn what they should do concerning the newly powerful people out of Egypt. They’d heard of what the children of Israel were doing and they all gathered together to fight against Joshua and Israel in one accord. One of the nations, the inhabitants of Gibeon, decided not to fight.

They pretty much calculated that fighting would be a losing battle. Instead, they decided to pretend they were from a far-off country and they planned to secretly enter into a league with the children of Israel.

Joshua Chapter 9 Summary

They felt this was a better idea than attempting to fight Israel off. The Gibeonites pretended to be from a distant land and came to Israel because they heard all of what Joshua’s God had done in Egypt.

They told Joshua that they had journeyed all the way to make a league with Israel, to become allies. Joshua and the elders of Israel did not counsel the Lord and moved forward into a covenant with people they were supposed to slay.

Words were given and papers were signed. Three days later, the children of Israel found out they were duped, hustled, and deceived. Worse than that they learned that there was nothing they could do about it.

The only thing the Israelites got out of the deal was that they made the Gibeonites servants to them. Gibeon would have to hue wood and become the beast of burdens for Israel forever.

This is the summary of Joshua chapter 9, glory to the Hight LORD God.


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