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Joshua Chapter 4 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Joshua chapter 4 summary began as God instructed Joshua to inform the elders of each tribe. They were commanded to take a stone out of the dried up Jordan and keep as a memorial.

These leaders were supposed to take these stones as a memorial to their children as a sign. The sign was stone as a reminder the waters of Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the LORD when Israel passed through into the land.

The elders did as the LORD commanded Joshua they do and then they passed over the Jordan, about forty thousand prepared for war passed over before God, to battle. God magnified Joshua in Israel’s eyes and they feared Joshua as they did Moses.

When all the people crossed the Jordan, and the last priest bearing the ark of the covenant came out of the water, the Jordan returned and flowed into its’ banks. This took place on the tenth day of the first month, thus the Passover was near (in four days).

The chapter ends with what the children of Israel were commanded to tell their children when asked about the stones. They were to answer, ‘God, dried the Jordan for us to go over as He did the Red Sea’. God did this so that all the earth may fear the LORD and know how powerful HIS hand is.

This is the summary of Joshua chapter 4, glory to the Highest!


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