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Joshua Chapter 15 Summary

Joshua chapter 15 summary begins with the border of the children of Judah. They had a mighty wide border, which began with the border of Edom in the south, going down to the salt sea.

It even stretched to the river of Egypt. It encompassed Jerusalem and the city of Arba, the father of Anak, which was later changed to Hebron.

In this chapter, Caleb drove the Anak’s out and then offered his daughter in marriage to who ever could get the city Kirjath-sepher.

Joshua Chapter 15 Summary

A man named Othniel was able to capture the city and he married Caleb’s daughter, Achsah. Achsah went back and asked her dad, Caleb, for a spring as well as the south land.

The remainder of the chapter gives all the lands the children of Judah were able to capture. They were not fully able to drive out all the Jebusites and many remained in the land even until the time of the writing of the book of Joshua.

This is a brief summary of Joshua chapter 15. Check our website for more summaries and studies, and use in your study of the Lord’s Word.

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