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Joshua Chapter 14 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Joshua chapter 14 summary began with a summary of the geo-lands the children of Israel inherited in the land of Canaan. Moses set the inheritance for all the tribes except for the Levites.

The Levites could not inherit land, the LORD was their inheritance. Caleb, of the children of Judah, met with Joshua and reminded him of the promise made to him by the LORD. Caleb prompted Joshua that he followed God fully when they spied the land.

As a result, God promised him specific land in Judah for his faithfulness. In order to collect on what Caleb was speaking to Moses about, he had to have some strength.

Joshua Chapter 14 Summary

Caleb professed that he was just as strong as he was 45 years prior when he spied out the land. Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him the land of Hebron for an inheritance; it became his and his families land to this day.

This is so because he fully followed and trusted in the LORD when they came to spy the land. The land of Hebron was previously known as Kirjatharba because a great man named Arba of the Anakims ruled the land prior to Israel taking the land.

This is the summary of Joshua chapter 14, glory to the GOD of Israel, forever.


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