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How Many Kings were In Israel and Judah?

What Bible Study topic, subject, or chapter would you like to learn in more detail? We are opening those again now that the Father is once again, sending His Spirit to gather His saints once again for the last time; we feel the need to address questions.

Many of the questions are not asked clearly, but we’ll do our best to answer them as well as we can.

Questions and Answers from BSM Newsletter

Today’s question is:

How many kings in Judah. How many kings are in Israel?  Are there any human kings Now?  Who were all the kings that were good and all the kings that were bad?

These are good questions. There were 21 rulers of Judah in 2 Chronicles and God’s put them all on the throne. In fact, many of them have names that include God’s name—”Yah,” in Hebrew.

Kings of Israel                 Kings of Judah

1. Jeroboam 1 (22 yrs) 1. Rehoboam (17 yrs)

2. Nadab (2 yrs)           2. Abijam (3 yrs)

3. Baasha (24 yrs)        3. Asa (41 yrs)

4. Elah (2 yrs)               4. Jehoshaphat (25 yrs)

5. Zimri (7 days)           5. Jehoram (8 yrs)

6. Omri (12 yrs) ***       6. Ahaziah (1 yr)

7. Ahab (22 yrs)           7. Athaliah (Queen) (6 yrs)

8. Ahaziah (2 yrs)         8. Joash (40 yrs)

9. Jehoram (Joram)(12 yrs) 9. Amaziah (29 yrs)

10. Jehu (28 yrs)         10. Azariah (Uzziah)(52 yrs)

11. Jehoahaz (17 yrs) 11. Jotham (16 yrs)

12. Jehoash (16 yrs) 12. Ahaz (16 yrs)

13. Jeroboam 2 (41 yrs) 13. Hezekiah (29 yrs)

14. Zachariah (6 mos) 14. Manasseh (55 yrs)

15. Shallum (1 mo)       15. Amon (2 yrs)

16. Menahem (10 yrs) 16. Josiah (31 yrs)

17. Pekhiah (2 yrs)         17. Jehoahaz (3 mos)

18. Pekah (20 yrs)       18. Jehoiakim (11 yrs)

19. Hoshea (9 yrs)       19. Jehoiachin (3 mos)

                                    20. Zedekiah (11 yrs)

We are subject to believe some of the royal descendants are alive today but are not treated royally. Also, Solomon and David had so many children who were scattered to all nations, you may have some in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. We just do not know who they are. See wiki- kings of Judah 

There were no good kings in Samaria, but there were some in Judah, we colored their names in green.

I pray this has been edifying in the name of the Son of God.

Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh


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