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How Do We Know God Exists?

How Do We Know God Exist?


The real answer to this question is hard for anyone to prove. In our little physical world, proof is by proving with the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste). But, how do you do that with the Creator? It becomes a silly question because, who can go get God and say, “See, I told you He is real. Now give me my money.” Right…


But the way to do it is to begin from the very basic formation. And I’m going to show you how right now. This is not the full lesson, but it is a brief way to show anyone the existence of God. The simplest way to view this is to look outside. There are things in this world and man made things also. Let’s begin with the car (for example). If there is a car, there is a car-maker. Did the car just appear here by evolution? Let’s look into the iPad or computer (computing system) as another example. These complex things did not come into existence through evolution or a big bang; they were created.


Most of the smartest men and women the world has ever seen, such as Al Einstein, Steve Jobs, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci all acknowledge a Creator or Higher Being (or something else out there). The reason why many of them came to this conclusion is because they know that anything that works well in the world is put together by a system. Our world is based on the solar system, and it operates continuously without break, without interruption. The complexity of the solar system, yet the simplicity of its’ routine operation is still an amazement to man.


Something of the magnitude of the solar system is certainly not just going to appear out of thin air. It had to be put together. It had to be formed and created. The complexity and simplicity of the world, the human body, the animal kingdom, even the air and atmospheres all point to a “Mad Scientist” who put it all together. Who is this “Mad Scientist?”


Even though these smart men were highly intelligent, sometimes the inconsistency and incorrect teaching of the Bible may have lead them away from Christianity and being a disciple of Jesus Christ as has been done to many people of the world. Nevertheless, if you are trying prove the existence of God or a God, you would have to begin with a thorough research and investigation of all the gods of the world.


If you did not want to travel to every country and research every god in the world, a good thing for you would to be born in the internet age where you can go country-to-country all with the click of a mouse.


A humorous, yet inconclusive website I ran into some time ago was one site called the God checker (it a guide to the gods). It gives a brief report about all the different gods in all the different countries. One thing is for sure, each country or nation had their own gods. A good starting point is to simply research each god and see who has the most validating story.


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