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Genesis 41 Joseph Interprets the Dream of Pharaoh

Joseph interprets the Pharaoh’s dream and with that power from GOD, he was able to save Egypt from an economic collapsing famine. This is how this went down; two years after the butler was restored to his job with Pharoah, the Pharaoh had a dream.

The dream was disturbing, it centered around the number seven; fat and good, lean and terrible. The fat and good years were eaten or consumed by lean and terrible. The Pharaoh had the dream repeatedly, so he called his magicians to help him interpret the meaning of the dream.

None of the charmers could satisfy the Pharaoh until the butler spoke up to remember Joseph who’d interpreted his dream (and the dream of the baker). Then Pharaoh sent for Joseph, who was known as the young Hebrew man; he was hastily sent for in the dungeon.

GOD Will Show Pharaoh an Answer of Peace

Joseph was commanded to clean himself up and present himself before Pharaoh. He proceeded to tell Egypt’s leader that GOD is the giver of interpretations; HE would give Pharaoh an answer of peace. Pharaoh told the dream Joseph, to which Joseph responded informing the Pharaoh that GOD will show Pharaoh what HE is about to do.

Seven good years were coming to Egypt, followed by seven very bad years; so bad the people would barely remember they had good years. Joseph even gave Pharaoh what he needed to do to get around it. Pharaoh and his staff elected to have Joseph be in charge of the entire project and he was promoted to second in charge over all of Egypt.

He was given a wife and proceeded to help Egypt prepare for the economic collapse the nation would soon face, along with all the world. During the good years, Joseph had two sons from his wife Asenath, they had Manasseh and Ephraim.

When the famine began, all the lands of the earth were finished, save Egypt only. All countries came into Egypt to buy corn as the famine was bad in all lands (Genesis 41).


Principle: Illuminate your gift before men without fear. Joseph provided his gift and it awarded him the position he dreamed about as a child. Also, another principle is to endure soundly. Remain faithful to the ALMIGHTY no matter how the show currently looks to the world for you.

History: A young shepherd boy turn shepherd king of the Hebrews, of the sons of Israel, became ruler of the whole world. Not only that, he ended up saving the world through HIS power source, the SUPREME POWER, GOD ALMIGHTY.

Prophecy: Abraham’s seed would go into a land that is not theirs and serve 400 years is now being fulfilled in Joseph’s promotion. Joseph is going to bring his entire family into Egypt.

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