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Genesis 23: Sarah Dies Abraham Purchases Burying Field

Sarah Dies and Abraham Purchases a Burying Field. In a solemn chapter and moment in time that happens very often, Sarah, the wife of Abraham and the mother matriarch of the faith of the ALMIGHTY died.

She was 127 years of age when she slept. She passed in Kirjath Arba, which is Hebron in what was the land of Canaan. Abraham spoke to the sons of Heth (son of Canaan) regarding the purchase of land to bury his dead out of his sight.

The sons of Heth attempted to give him the land for free knowing he was a mighty prince living among them. Nevertheless, Abraham insisted he pays for it, asking them to ask the son of Zohar, Ephron, to grant purchase. It was a really played out ordeal.

Ephron was a Hittite who also attempted to give the field to Abraham. They ended up agreeing on a deal for four hundred pieces of silver. Abraham buried Sarah in the cave of the field of Machpelah, which is before Mamre (Hebron). It now belonged to the great patriarch, Abraham (Genesis 23).


Principle: Sarah died and the principle of nothing comes for free in life is what Abraham understood. He would not take the burying field for free because, in the end, it would cost something for someone (perhaps even one of his descendants).

History: This event was recorded. Thus, the burying field was purchased and belongs to the children of Abraham to this day, besides the inherited land he and his seed were given by the GOD of Israel.

Prophecy: Where Sarah was buried is in Hebron, just south of Jerusalem. This is a very special place in the land the LORD will rule from.

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