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Genesis 20 Abraham and Sarah Journeyed into Gerar

Genesis 20: Abraham and his wife Sarah journeyed into Gerar; he insisted Sarah be called his sister instead of his wife. He feared the king of Gerar, Abimelech, would kill him for his beautiful wife, Sarah.

Nevertheless, GOD intervened in a dream threatening to kill Abimelech if he as much as touched Abraham’s wife. Abimelech was scared and confessed he believed she was a single woman and that was why he took her.

The LORD already knew this and that was why HE withheld him from sinning (adultery) against HIM. Still, he was required to return the man’s wife because the man, Abraham, was a prophet. The LORD said Abraham would pray for him and his house.

Abimelech was upset at Abraham, but he obeyed the LORD and returned Sarah untouched. Abraham prayed to the LORD and the LORD healed Abimelech’s house and kingdom (Genesis 20).


Principle: Adultery is a law and key principle in life. It starts spiritual, then moves into the physical realm. Breaking it takes the name of the LORD in vain. Abraham feared Abimelech and Gerarites would not adhere to this law.

History: The children of Gerar were friendly towards the descendants of Abraham, and much of which is because of this covenant.

Prophecy: The descendants of these two men will have a love-hate relationship in the future. Gerar is a town or city in the Philistine country, hence these are Philistines who are Egyptians of the sons of Ham.

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