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Mine Eyes Shall Behold


Theories upon theories lay in the very fabric of every man’s mind. The theory of what happens after death is one. “You go to heaven,” one will say. Another says, “We live forever through our children.”

Mine Eyes Shall BeholdWelcome or welcome back to, we are a Bible Study supplement of sorts to people who don’t have enough time to do thorough study themselves…

At anyrate, as a Christian and one who believes in the Word of God (in the form of the Bible scriptures), one is compelled to believe or accept the words laid in the scriptures.

In the book of Job, Job makes plenty of statements and if you give it a careful read, you will  have plenty of “ah ha” moments. One of Job’s statements pertained to living forever.

Mine Eyes Shall Behold

Job chapter 19

26 And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:

27 Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me.

After Job dies, and the worms eat up on the body he had as in his flesh, still in his flesh meaning, in his same person, he will see God. Job, nor anyone of us, will reincarnate in someone else’s body to be with God.

Stated more plainly, I will not die and return as a goat in my next life to see God. I will not see God through my great grandkids.

We will come back the same person we are today, just with a glorified body if we are blessed.

Job goes on to say he will see God for himself, “mine eyes shall behold,” not his offsprings eyes seeing God for him; but he will see God for himself. All this will happen at the resurrection, even though the current state of his body is being consumed in death as he died in this physical world!

This is something to keep in mind. As a Christian, we do not operate on theory, but by the Word of God.



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