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Exodus Chapter 31 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Exodus chapter 31 summary began as God called, by name, a man named Bezaleel to put in some serious work in the construct of the Temple. God gave the spirit of God in wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship to Bezaleel to perform the feat.

Bezaleel, who was from the tribe of Judah, was the lead on the project to build the temple or tabernacle. God also gave Aholiab who was from the tribe of Dan the same wisdom to do the LORD’s work.

The chapter transitions!

The Lord reminded Moses to warn the children of Israel to certainly keep God’s sabbaths. God’s sabbaths are a sign between God and man (those who enter into the royal covenant).

Exodus Chapter 31 Summary

It is an ongoing sign, a sign throughout their generations. This was one way to know the Lord sanctified them, by giving them His Sabbath. The Sabbath is holy and everyone who defiled the Sabbath would be put to death; defiling was doing any work therein.

This was reiterated throughout the remainder of this chapter. The Sabbath is a perpetual covenant, a sign between God and the children of Israel forever. It was written on the tables of stone with the finger of God, YES it was/is that serious.

And this is the summary of Exodus chapter 31, glory be to Honor!


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